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How to choose sofa fabric?

How to choose sofa fabric?


Sofa fabrics are in direct contact with people, which directly determines the feel and texture of the sofa.

The visual effect of fabric also determines the quality and style of sofa.

Now the more common sofa fabrics on the market are:

1. Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is characterized by high aesthetics and delicate and soft feel, comparable to silk. The sofa made of this fabric is very fashionable, luxurious and has a retro aesthetic feeling.

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2. Cotton linen

All cotton and linen fabrics, if not treated, are easy to wrinkle and pilling, which is not easy to take care of. Therefore, the cotton and linen used as sofa will add some fibers to increase the wear resistance, air permeability and color fastness, and achieve the required performance of sofa fabrics.

This kind of fabric is collectively called "cotton linen", which is wear-resistant and does not fade, and retains the texture of cotton and linen.

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In addition, there are woolen fabrics and imitation woolen fabrics with characteristics close to cotton linen.

3. Technology fabric sofa

A new type of fabric, the biggest feature is that its appearance and texture are very similar to (frosted) leather, so it has been highly praised by environmentalists and animal protectors once it is introduced.

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Sofas made of this fabric have the texture and color of real leather, and the price is much more affordable than real leather.

Science and technology fabric sofa is actually a kind of cloth, so it has good moisture permeability, heat permeability and air permeability, and is also known as "breathable fabric" Durable, easy to take care of, easy to clean, usually wiped with a rag.


4. Leather

Leather sofas are often expensive, but they are still liked by many people.

Leather sofa is not only soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, but also magnificent and durable. A good leather sofa can last for a long time as it is properly maintained.

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5. poly urethane

Poly urethane is a kind of regenerated leather, which belongs to a new generation of synthetic leather. It is not genuine leather, but it is comparable to genuine leather in wear resistance, cold resistance, texture and visual effect, but not as breathable as genuine leather.


6. Pu leather

Pu leather is the most common synthetic leather, and this kind of fabric is commonly known as "artificial leather", which is actually a polyurethane component. It looks and feels like leather, and it is cheap, but its wear resistance and aging resistance are not high.

Selection skill

When how to choose a sofa fabrics, it is suggested to consider these aspects:

1. Matching with home style

2.Cleaning and maintenance

3. Service life


* Style

Different fabrics create different styles:

Cotton linen, natural and simple; Velvet cloth, luxurious and beautiful; Science and technology cloth, low-key sense of advanced; Pu leather, high-end; Poly urethane, high-grade, luxurious; Leather, tall.

Comparison of styles of sofa, cloth art and leather art of the same style:

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When choosing fabrics, you must combine the decoration style of your home.

For example, Nordic, modern and luxurious styles are all suitable for choosing leather sofas to create a sense of high quality; As to whether how to choose sofa fabric, such as technical cloth, pu leather, poly urethane or genuine leather, it depends on the budget and preferences.

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Japanese style, small fresh style, fabric sofa is more suitable.

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Retro, light luxury, velvet fabric is the first choice.

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Because of its matte "leather" texture, the technology cloth sofa is not only suitable for the simple and atmospheric background, but also can match the low-key and simple environment, so it is highly inclusive.

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* Cleaning and maintenance

In terms of the convenience of cleaning and maintenance, leather sofa > fabric sofa. Leather art can just wipe the dust with a cloth, and once in a while, you can keep it bright and beautiful; Fabric is relatively troublesome, and improper handling of colored stains may leave marks; If it is dirty in a large area, it needs dry cleaning.


* Service life

You get what you pay for. Although the price of leather sofa is more expensive than that of fabric, its service life is usually longer than that of fabric. Generally speaking, leather sofas can be used for 5-10 years, and if properly maintained, the service life can be longer. The life of fabric sofa is much shorter.Different fabrics suit different styles of sofas, if you are looking for a custom sofa fabric supplier, Yier Textile is your best choice, as one of the best sofa fabric manufacturers.

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