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What is mosha fabric?

What is mosha fabric?


What is mosha fabric? 

Mosha fabrics generally use 30 or 40 pieces of twill as the base cloth, and are made of fabrics made by mechanical friction. The feel of milled fabrics is not as thick as that of milled fabrics, and the suede feeling is not as strong as that of milled fabrics, but the suede texture of milled fabrics is better than that of milled fabrics, and the touch feel is softer and more comfortable, closer to the skin, and has no harm to human skin. It is especially suitable for children's delicate skin and will not cause irritation to the skin, so the raw materials used in the grinding fabric are also pure cotton raw materials, and the sofa fabrics made are also more popular with consumers.

How about Mosha fabrics? Compared with the woolen fabric, the woolen fabric does not have the thick feeling of the woolen fabric and the length of the wool of the suede, but it also uses the mechanical woolen process, which makes the woolen fabric also have the characteristics of warmth, softness and comfort. The raw materials selected for the woolen fabric are generally mixed materials, including pure cotton material, polyester fiber, polyester fiber, viscotic fiber and so on. The different proportion of different raw materials will affect its softness to a great extent, so today we will take a detailed look at the relevant knowledge of frosted fabrics.

The production process of mosha fabric

The "hair" is made from sand. The whole process goes like this: First dip the raising agent, dry and stretch in the special grinding machine for grinding finishing, grinding machine to Italy, Germany is better, grinding machine has six sand roller, according to the different number of cloth wrapped on the sand roller, and then the cloth in high-speed running, give a certain tension, slowly through the cloth six sand roller friction, The cloth has a thick pile. Woolen fabric is a variety of cotton fabric formed by the friction of woolen machine and emery leather only in appearance. That is to say, while retaining the original performance of the sofa fabric, the fabric surface formed a layer with a short pile layer feeling, giving the fabric a new style at the same time, not only reduce the thermal conductivity of the woolen fabric, but also increase the warmth and softness, its color is eye-catching, soft feel, full appearance and pleasing to the eye.

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Advantages of mosha fabrics

When choosing products close to the skin, consumers generally choose according to the softness and comfort of the best sofa fabric, and the softness and comfort of the ground fabric is better, the ground fabric gives people a warm, soft and comfortable texture, the color is as new as new, due to the unique process, the ground product will not fade, pilling and other qualities, much better than the general cotton fabric. And the weight is much heavier than the ordinary cotton material. As a new fabric process, it gives the fabric a new style at the same time, enhance the softness and thermal performance of the fabric, whether it is feel, comfort or appearance texture is better than non-ground fabric, especially suitable for use in winter, so it has become the new darling of the fabric market in recent years.

Classification of mosha fabrics

Mosha fabric is a kind of ground wool, but according to the different styles of ground wool is divided into many kinds, such as ordinary ground wool, water ground wool, carbon water brush, etc., ground wool has sand ground wool, such as the common all-polyester leather on the market, peach skin velvet, all-cotton Italian velvet, etc., steel thorn ground wool such as Lycra frame velvet, warp and weft knitting various ground cloth. Because of the wide variety of cashmere fabrics, there are more and more cashmere fabric products on the market, so that we can have more choice space, of course, the price of cashmere fabric products is relatively high, consumers should pay more attention to whether it is cashmere fabric when choosing.

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