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Cloth sofa commonly used eight kinds of fabrics

Cloth sofa commonly used eight kinds of fabrics


Fabric for the sofa is of great significance, the best sofa fabric material is not only exquisite appearance, rich grade, touch, sitting feeling is also excellent, as a consumer for the fabric needs to have a basic understanding, easy to buy furniture;

For furniture people, the knowledge of fabric is more important, to understand the production process of fabric, how to match the characteristics of sofa fabric selection, how to maintain, maintenance methods, etc., will be the essential knowledge of every furniture person!

One, flocking cloth

1. Production process: Flocking is the use of the physical characteristics of charge opposites attract, so that the pile with negative charge, the need to flock the cloth on zero potential or ground conditions, the pile is attracted by the different potential of the plant body, vertical acceleration to the surface of the need to flock, because the plant body coated with adhesive, the pile is vertically stuck to the plant body.

2, advantages: strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, soft feel, good color fastness, friction resistance, smooth and no gap.

3, cleaning method: pay attention to cleaning, do not rub or scrub it in water, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline gently wipe on the line, if the velvet cloth is too wet, do not twist hard, so as not to take off the fluff, affect the appearance. The correct cleaning method should be to press the water with both hands or let it dry naturally, and brush the pile flat in one direction, so that the original face of the flock can be maintained.

Two, cut velvet cloth

1, the production process: the characteristics of the woven fabric is that the grey fabric is double, and the cutting method is cut from the middle after the completion of weaving, thus producing the middle suede. Because the velvet is cut with a blade, the velvet itself is not very strong, so there is a special brushing procedure in the finishing to fix the velvet.

The simplest way to check the quality of flannelette is to rub gently with your fingers on the back of the flannelette, and the quality is good if the flannelette is not dropped.

2, advantages: cut velvet surface uniform, good gloss, velvet feeling is very comfortable, wear-resistant, easy to clean.

3, cleaning method: do not soak in water kneading or brushing, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline gently wipe on the line, if the velvet cloth is too wet, do not twist hard, so as not to take off the fluff, affect the appearance.

The correct cleaning method should be to press the moisture with both hands or let it dry naturally, and should be placed on a flat board or table when brushing, and wash along the weave to maintain uniform color and avoid hair on the cloth.

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Three, printing

1, production process: printing cloth according to different processes can be divided into transfer printing, penetration printing, active printing.

2, advantages: bright colors. No ball, no raw edge, not easy to deform.

3, cleaning method: It is best to wash with cold water or warm water first, not to soak in boiling water, wash, and not to pile for too long.

Four, jacquard

1, production process: The warp and weft lines are intricately woven on the sofa fabric wholesale to create a raised pattern called jacquard. With different colors of yarn woven into a two-color or even multi-color jacquard cloth.

2, advantages: feel full, thick texture, strong wear, good permeability, comfortable to sit, not stuffy not damp. The pattern has the level, the color is unique, the concave and convex has the three-dimensional sense.

3, cleaning method: jacquard fabric should not be washed with a hard brush to avoid fuzz.


Five. Cotton

1, production process: with cotton yarn woven cloth

2, advantages: good air permeability, soft feel, simple appearance and natural beauty, soft luster, alkali resistance and heat resistance is particularly good.

3. Cleaning method: Before washing, it can be soaked in water for a few minutes, but it should not be too long to avoid damage to the color. It can be washed by hand or machine, but because the elasticity of cotton fiber is poor, do not scrub hard when washing, so as not to change the shape and affect the size.

When the cloth cover is washed and drained, it should be folded up, squeezed out of the water or wrapped in a towel to squeeze the water, must not be twisted, nor can it be hung dry. When drying in the sun, the reverse side should be dried outwards.

Six, cotton and linen

1, production process: It is the composition of cotton containing hemp, also known as cotton and hemp interwoven fabric, ramie cotton and linseed cotton.

2, advantages: air permeability, good perspiration, cotton cloth can absorb the sweat and sweat on the human skin, so that the body temperature quickly return to normal, really achieve ventilation, sweat absorption effect, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Comfortable, anti-itch, skin friendly. PH value is acidic, no irritation to the skin, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements. Anti-static, no ball, no curling, cotton cloth is sewn with pure cotton, no free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, no ball.

Natural environmental protection, is a real green ecological textile. The use of cotton cloth makes the human body warm effect, increase the microcirculation of the human body, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, improve the quality of sleep.

3, cleaning method: hemp fiber is stiff, holding force is poor, washing is lighter than cotton fabric, do not use a hard brush and rub hard, so as to avoid fuzz. Do not twist after washing, do not use hot water to blister the colored fabric, should not be exposed to the sun, so as not to fade.

Seven. Chemical fiber (imitation silk)

1, production process: artificial polymer,

2, advantages: strong and durable, easy to take care of, with anti-wrinkle ironing characteristics. Add antibacterial agent to make it have antibacterial function; Add mineral powder to make it have low radiation function or far infrared radiation function.

3, cleaning method: the temperature of the lotion should not exceed 45 ° C, and the dirtiest parts can be washed with a brush. Rinse after washing, can be lightly twisted, dry in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun, should not be dried, so as to avoid wrinkles due to heat.

Eight, suede

1, production process: that is, the fabric made of animal suede, and now in the fabric market, suede has become a common name for a variety of imitation suede. Including denim imitation leather velvet, warp imitation leather velvet (cloth sole imitation leather velvet), weft imitation leather velvet (color butyl imitation leather velvet), warp knitting imitation leather velvet, double side imitation leather velvet, elastic imitation leather velvet.

2, advantages: soft wool, waxy, good drape, light texture.

3, cleaning method: First wipe off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, and then wipe the surface with a slightly wet soft cloth, be careful not to exert too much force, straighten out the hair on the fur in one direction, so that the whole cloth presents a uniform color.

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