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As a professional suede fabric supplier & manufacturer, Yier Textile specialized in sofa fabric suede making since 2017.Our Suede sofa fabric (Bronzed suede) is a kind of artificial leather. After bronzing process, the surface is similar as genuine leather. It’s widely used in upholstery area.It’s tear-resistant and wear-resisting.Sofa fabric suede can be used as sofa covers, cushion covers, chair covers and so on.

Suede fabric for sofa has two shuttles, bottom yarn is FDY, face yarn is sea-island filament.

The normal weight of 75D suede is 120gsm, the normal weight of 50D suede is 110gsm.

Microfiber suede upholstery fabric surface is plump, meticulous, because the fiber surface is very slim, forming a multilayer structure, light spots are small, glossy, and colors are soft. A slim fiber's flexural stiffness (which measures the object's ability to resist bending deformation) is low, enhancing its flowing appearance.

As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the fiber gap is changed, the island high-density fabric can be woven with a gap of only 0.2 ~ 10μm, which gives the suede sofa material excellent waterproof and steam permeable properties.

Contact us for suede fabric for sofa.Except for this, our technology cloth are also popular in the market. Get price for the suede sofa fabric.

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