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What is technology cloth? Tech fabric sofa is a kind of artificial leather.After bronzing process, the surface is similar as genuine leather. As such, both types of technology cloth sofa give off a grand and luxurious It’s widely used in home textile area.It’s breathable and anti-pull. Technology cloth sofa has a reputation of breathing fabric. Can be used as sofa covers, cushion covers, chair covers and so on.

Technology fabric sofa is a new kind of sofa fabric, is one kind of polyester material. It not only has good air permeability, but also has the same surface and hand feeling as genuine leather, but the price is much more favorable than genuine leather. Tech fabric sofa has 5 advantages: highly breathable, highly durable, stain and water-resistant, luxurious look and amazing texture.

In addition to its quick-drying properties, tech cloth sofa also have a beautiful surface texture and vibrant colors. They come in a variety of colors to meet different preferences. Even if there is a water stain, there is no need to worry about it seeping in as it can simply be wiped clean. These sofas are known for their durability and long lifespan. Many technology fabric sofas are washing machine-friendly, but using a specialty detergent instead of regular detergent or fabric softeners will yield the best results. For households with pets and children, choosing a technology fabric sofa is highly recommended. Polyester, with wear resistance second only to nylon and thickness of up to 1.88mm, is an excellent material choice for these sofas.

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