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The difference between beach towels and bath towels

The difference between beach towels and bath towels


First, what is the difference between sand towel and bath towel

Beach towels and bath towels belong to a kind of towel, it looks similar, but they are still very different, the difference between beach towels and bath towels is mainly reflected in several aspects:

1 appearance

But look at the appearance can intuitively distinguish the eco friendly beach towels and bath towel, because the color of the beach towel will be more bright, more patterns, which is mainly and blue sky and blue sea, bright sunshine and the cheerful mood of the holiday echo, and usually take photos on the beach, fashionable bright towel photo effect is better, and the bath towel is usually designed for elegant or dark single color. Match the bathroom style.

2. Size

The size of the beach towel is slightly larger than the ordinary bath towel, the general ordinary bath towel is about the size of a person is enough, and the beach towel in order to spread on the beach, convenient for users to bask in the sun, so it will be designed to be larger, so as to avoid lying down when the head and feet are exposed to the sand

3. Thickness

The thickness of the bath towel is very thick, because as a bath towel, its water absorption is very good, and it is convenient to wipe the body dry and walk out of the bathroom soon after taking a bath; The thickness of the quick dry towel is to understand some, although its water absorption is not as good as the bath towel, but it is enough to let you dry the body quickly, and the thickness of some is more convenient to carry

4. Use

The bath towel we usually use for home showers feels soft and absorbs water well. However, when the towel is washed in the sea water once or twice, it will feel smelly and will become no longer soft. However, due to the particularity of the use of beach towels, these problems are considered in the production, even if the repeated use of washing in the sea water, there will be no odor and hard feeling

Second, can the beach towel be used as a bath towel


The beach towel is very large, can be the same as the bath towel on the waist, draped on the body, or used to wipe the body, but the microfiber beach towel will be larger than the bath towel, which does not affect the use, but it should be noted that the ordinary bath towel is impossible to use when the beach towel, on the one hand, the bath towel itself is not designed to be used on the beach, on the other hand, the bath towel is not as durable as the beach towel. It is not recommended to use a bath towel instead of a beach towel, except in exceptional circumstances.

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