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The difference between warp knitting and weft knitting

The difference between warp knitting and weft knitting


Weft knitted fabric

Refers to a knitted fabric woven horizontally. That is, the weft knitting machine will do the transverse reciprocating movement (or circular movement) of the yarn from one side of the machine to the other side, and the movement of the knitting needle can form a new knitting coil. Weft knitted fabric yarn is transverse, the formation of the fabric is formed by the knitting needle in the horizontal direction to weave a row of the upper and lower rows of connected to each other. All the coils in a row are woven from a single piece of yarn. Weft knitted fabrics can be finished on flat or circular machines.

Warp knitted yarn in warp knitted fabric for sofa is warp knitted, just like the warp of woven fabric, by the warp shaft for yarn, the warp shaft is wound with a large number of parallel yarn, similar to the warp shaft in weaving. The direction of the yarn in the warp knitted fabric is warp. Form a vertical coil in one row, then move diagonally to another row, and form another coil in the next row. The yarn moves in a zigzag pattern along the length of the fabric from side to side, and each coil in a row is made of a different yarn. Warp knitting uses multiple yarns to make loops along the longitudinal (warp) direction of the fabric simultaneously

Weft knitting uses one or more yarns to form a loop in sequence along the transverse (weft) of the section

Weft knitted goods can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve production efficiency, it is generally used to weave multiple yarns; Warp knitted fabrics cannot be formed with a single yarn, a yarn can only form a chain of coils.

All weft knitted fabrics can be broken into threads against the knitting direction, but warp knitted fabrics can not.

Warp knitted fabrics cannot be woven by hand.

The most simple and intuitive way to distinguish is to observe that the front and back lines are consistent with weft knitting, and the vertical ones are warp knitting. Generally weft knitting is divided into plain, rib and double-sided. Warp knitting is divided into warp flat, warp chain, warp satin and warp pile.

And the warp knitting can not be separated, and the weft knitting can be separated.

Comparison of warp knitting and weft knitting:

1: Fabric extensibility:

(1) The warp knitting ----- has limited extension, usually slightly in the transverse direction and almost none in the longitudinal direction.

(2) weft braided ---- both longitudinal and transverse have good extensibility.

2: Fabric disassembly:

(1) warp knitting ---- is not easy to disassemble;

(2) weft knitting -- easy to disassemble.

3: Equipment debugging transformation:

(1) warp knitting ---- regulating varieties are complicated and time is spent more.

(2) weft knitting ------ adjustment variety is simple, high efficiency.

4: Production efficiency:

(1) warp knitting ---- can only weave (weave) flat fabric, can only weave semi-finished products;

(2) weft knitting - can produce flat and cylindrical fabric rolls, can be woven into clothing, clothing pieces and formed fabrics.

5: Production capacity:

(1) warp knitting ---- can only be produced in a certain batch,

(2) weft knitting ---- can be produced in small batches (even 1 kg)

Weft knitted fabric organization

Basic organization

(1) Plain stitch organization: The front of the plain stitch organization is composed of a coil column, and the reverse is composed of a coil arc. The organization is composed of the same coil of uniform size, that is, the weft knitted single-sided organization, which is the daily said sweatcloth.

(2) Rib organization: composed of alternating longitudinal configuration of the front and back coils. Due to the different number of longitudinal configuration of the front and back coils, the rib with different appearance style and performance is formed. Such as 1+1, 2+2, 3+2 and so on

(3) Double reverse organization: formed by alternating rows of positive and negative coils. Due to the action of yarn elasticity, the coil tilts in the longitudinal direction, causing the sofa fabric to shrink, resulting in the arc of the loop protruding on the surface of the sofa fabric, so there is a negative appearance.

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