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Which sofa fabric is the best?

Which sofa fabric is the best?


In recent years, when choosing products, especially when purchasing soft package products such as sofas and soft beds, 90% of merchants will recommend you a product made of "breathable fabric", which uses bionic design concept, which not only has the soft touch of leather, but also has the comfort and breathability of fabric.

Perhaps some friends have guessed, yes, this "breathable fabric" is the technology fabric sofa

△ Technology fabric is widely used in sofa, soft bed and other furniture products.

A、What is a technology cloth?

1、the definition of technology cloth

Leathaire also called technology fabric and nano technology cloth sofa, is a kind of cloth, which can also be understood as artificial leather.

The main material is polyester, which is usually a new fabric made of warp-knitted fabric and 3D bionic design, and through complicated processes such as dyeing, napping, penetration printing, bronzing, pasting, sand washing, thickening and compounding, and dry drying.

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Since it's cloth, how can it look and feel like real leather? This is the "technology" of the technology fabric sofa.

2、"Science and Technology" Technology of Leathaire

Leathaire uses advanced design concept and exquisite technology, and its "science and technology" technology is mainly embodied in three aspects: design, base cloth and surface layer.

①"Technology" of design

Bionic design takes the texture structure of beautiful dermatoglyphics in nature as the research object, accurately reproduces it, and selectively applies it in pattern design. At the same time, combined with bionics technology, it provides textile processing with new ideas, principles and ways.

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②“Technology”of base cloth

Usually, it is made of 28-needle high-speed warp knitting machine with elastic filaments less than 0.1mm as raw materials, with 100,000 micro air holes per cubic meter. The density is 18.1C/CM, and the gram weight is 180g g. It has excellent physical properties that break through the leather fabric.

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③“Technology”of surface layer

The surface layer is mainly PU resin permeable coating, and the base fabric is treated by complex technology to achieve high-performance leather-like fabric with similar advantages and senses as leather, and at the same time make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies of leather.

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2、Characteristics of Leathaire

a、Comparable leather

① The appearance, color and texture of many kinds of natural leather, such as litchi dermatoglyphics, lamb dermatoglyphics and wax dermatoglyphics, are truly restored by adopting the printing and dyeing standards of two-color or multi-color leather.

② Soft to the touch and comfortable to the touch. Long-term contact, there will be no sticky feeling. Constant temperature all the year round, and you won't feel cold at the end of room temperature.

③ The senses are thick and full, and the texture is comfortable and light.

b、Safety and environmental protection

① Does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other corrosive irritant components harmful to human body in inferior fabrics.

② The oxygen permeability can reach more than 90%, which can effectively prevent the breeding of mites, bacteria and other microorganisms.

③ It can be used in long-term contact, and it is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

④ Replacing dermis at the same time can effectively reduce the consumption of animal resources and the killing of precious species.

c、Performance transcendence

① excellent air permeability, soaking wet and hot, it can not only prevent external water infiltration, but also absorb internal water to the surface and evaporate.

② Good elasticity, high strength, good resilience and toughness, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

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③ high tolerance, not easy to change color, even after being exposed to sunlight for 4 hours, and will not change color after being kept at a high temperature of 50 degrees for 24 hours.

④ After nano-scale anti-fouling, waterproof and dustproof treatment, it has corrosion resistance and will not peel off after long-term use.

⑤ Super softness, good ductility and wrinkle resistance.

d、high price–performance ratio

① It has strong durability, is easy to handle, and its performance and quality are far superior to those of low-grade leather, at the same time, it makes up for many defects of leather.

② The raw material is cloth, and the technology is mature, so the cost and price are relatively low.

4、Common parameters(For reference only)

Common technical fabrics, like ordinary fabrics, are usually rolled and sold by the meter.

Size specification:

Width: usually 1400mm~1500mm, the common ones are 1420mm, 1450mm and 1470 mm.

Length: usually 30m~50m, and common ones are 30m and 50m.

Weight: usually 250g/m~450g/m, and the common ones are 280g/m, 350g/m and 420g/m.

5、Price range(For reference only)

Leathaire is mainly influenced by size, thickness, technology, texture style, brand and other factors, and the price range is 20~60 yuan/m.

For example, an ordinary texture with a width of 1450mm and a weight of 280g/m usually sells for 20~25 yuan /m.

B、Classification and Material Comparison of Leathaire

1、The category of Leathaire

Technology fabric can be made into different textures and textures, so the categories of science and tech fabric sofa are mainly distinguished according to the different texture patterns of fabrics, which can be divided into two categories: imitation of natural texture dermatoglyphics and imitation of technological texture dermatoglyphics.

① imitation of natural skin texture

Re-engraving the texture of animal dermatoglyphics in nature.

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△ Lamb dermatoglyphics

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△sheep dermatoglyphics

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△Cow hair dermatoglyphics

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△Rhino dermatoglyphics

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△Shark dermatoglyphic

news-which sofa fabric is best-Yier Textile-img-3

△Whale dermatoglyphics

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△Seal dermatoglyphics

C、Imitation process texture dermatoglyphics

The processed dermis texture is engraved.

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△Frosted dermatoglyphics

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△Fog matte dermatoglyphics

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△Frosted suede grain

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△Cotton wool dermatoglyphics

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△Wax skin pattern

2、Material comparison (with genuine leather)


Leathaire: tasteless and light, without pores, and the grain will be more neat, regular and even, and the grain feel is not as obvious as that of genuine leather. The tactile sensation is slightly different from that of the dermis, and the skin-friendliness is better than that of the dermis, so that it will not stick to Leng Xia in winter, and it has both the texture of leather and the comfort and skin-friendliness of cloth.

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Leather: It has the peculiar smell of leather and is of high weight. The pores are clear, the lines are natural, the texture distribution in different parts is different, not very uniform, and there are even scars-like lines in some parts, and the graininess is obvious. The touch is smooth and soft, but the skin friendliness of most cortex is slightly worse than that of Leathaire.

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Leathaire:Moisture permeability and heat permeability far exceed that of dermis. Folding-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, not easy to be moldy and deformed, and has better physical properties than genuine leather. At the same time, the fabric substrate is relatively safer and more environmentally friendly. Good anti-aging performance, the service life can reach 5-10 years. Daily care and operation are simple, and maintenance is not required.

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Leather: scratch-resistant, easy to fade, poor waterproof. Easy to breed bacteria and mildew. Limited raw materials consume animal resources, increase the risk of killing precious species, and produce a lot of wastewater during processing. Long-term use is easy to deform and wear, and daily care and operation are complicated, so it needs regular maintenance.

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Leathaire: the raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, the processing difficulty is low, and the cost and price are relatively lower. The average price range is 25~35 yuan/m.

Genuine leather: the price fluctuates due to market supply and demand, and the materials are limited. Some leathers are difficult to process, and the cost and price are relatively high. The average price range is 50~60 yuan/m.

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