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An introduction to the leather

An introduction to the leather


An introduction to the leather

Microfiber leather, environmental protection leather, west leather = artificial leather, the surface covered with film, the surface seems perfect, but the actual comfort is low, low value cowhide = natural, without modification, the surface is convex and convex, as a symbol of noble and rich, high value, the price is dozens of times imitation leather.

"Cowhide" is processed from cow skin. From its physiological point of view, it has considerable strength and breathability because of the small fiber bundle contained in the dermis. The epidermis lies beneath the hair, just above the dermis, and consists of an array of different shaped epidermal cells. The natural characteristics of cowhide are warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for use in any climate, but also with good feel, strong air permeability, anti-static wear resistance and other characteristics, so in Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries suede leather fabric for sofa is very popular: real cowhide, only through natural dyeing, so the porosity density is thin, high breathable degree, soft and comfortable feeling. On the contrary, artificial leather or buffalo leather and other inferior leather, after a variety of artificial spraying whitewash, dense porosity, the formation of a low degree of breathability, touch will have a rough feeling.

Microfiber leather, environmental protection leather, west leather is imitation leather, that is, artificial leather, seemingly smooth and beautiful, feel is also good, compared with cow leather from the surface is difficult to distinguish, but its bad spots :1. due to surface film, poor breathable performance, summer use is easy to form sweat stains on the back, hip 2 easy to fade, surface film and leather between use to a certain number of years, will fall off, Defects at a glance 3 easy to break, winter temperature is low, hardening, hardening uneven fracture, and cowhide without this defect.

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Teach you "waxy skin" and "oily skin"

Full green leather includes: full green leather, half green leather, waxy leather, yellow cow leather, buffalo leather, two layer leather, pig leather full green leather: namely, full grain leather, it is processed from high-quality raw materials, less injury, the natural state of the skin is retained on the thin coating, can show the natural pattern beauty of the skin, wear resistance, good air permeability: full green leather is directly made of blue warm leather and dyed. Refuse too many chemical agents, so the skin table can clearly see the fine pores, real sense, excellent air permeability, the price is the most expensive in the leather type, but you are not complex process and chemical materials, but in the quality of thick skin. Full green skin and ordinary skin is different: is in the selection of skin embryo must choose captive, and after castration of the bull skin, because the fiber tissue of the bull skin is relatively dense, and larger, the most important is captive, so that the skin scar is less, is the production of high-grade leather on the selection, followed by in manufacturing, so that the overall effect is more noble, elegant! All green skin can only be imported, China can not do such a process! Whole green skin is one of the best of the Italian skin, the market is rarely seen. Half green skin: The use of a peeler surface after light grinding coating, pressed on the corresponding pattern made of thin coating, wear-resistant, good air permeability, half green skin is also a kind of Italian skin, this skin is more common, especially high-end furniture.

Yellow cow skin: compared with half green, thick coating, light grinding surface deeper, natural cow skin with injury or rough "cosmetic", wear resistance, air permeability than half green. 0.9~1.0mm for thin skin, 1.3~3.0mm for thick skin: the cowhide is divided into two layers, the first layer is the cowhide, most of the sofa suede leather fabric said imported skin is this kind of skin, cowhide is the best domestic skin, good cowhide with imported poor skin, the quality is similar; Buffalo skin: the second layer of buffalo skin is buffalo skin, buffalo skin pores thick, feel soft and greasy, there is a strong skin flavor! Waxed leather (wear-resistant, breathable) effect is similar to semi-green leather, it is processed by special chemical materials and special processes, through different tension and present different color effects: waxed oil leather is a very special style of leather, it will change color and have antique effect, the whole is a kind of "old" effect

Two layer skin: It is made by cutting the layer by the leather machine, and it is made by coating or laminating process, with poor fastness and wear resistance. The broken skin is polished and then glued together, which is two layers of skin. The two layers of skin are generally hard, feel bad and have a thick and cracked smell

Derma is generally caused by cowhide, divided into imported leather, domestic leather two categories: imported leather can be subdivided into imported Italian skin and imported Thai skin two, import Italian skin (Italy) than imported Thai skin (Thailand) better.

Domestic leather: cattle skin, buffalo skin, two layers of skin, pig leather artificial leather including: microfiber skin (rawhide), environmental protection skin, west skin, hard skin, imitation skin  imitation skin is actually PVC plastic, but the surface is made into skin lines! The quality of imitation leather is determined by the thickness, the national standard stipulates: thickness 0. 65MM--0. 75MM. The normal thickness of imitation skin is 0. 7MM, with a thickness of 1. 0MM, 1. 2MM, 1. 5MM, 2. 0MM, the thicker the imitation skin, the better! The color of imitation leather is very important. It must be the same color or close to real leather. If the difference is relatively large, it will seriously affect the quality of furniture! Imitation skin smells like God's water.  Hardcover is also a kind of PVC, generally used in dining chairs, thickness is the most important factor to determine the quality, generally "1. 5MM is good.

 Xishi leather is a kind of artificial leather, mainly made of PVC, 1 thick. Above 0MM. * Environmental protection leather is a new type of artificial leather, feel very soft, leather pattern is similar to real leather, the disadvantage is easy to fade, easy to break, summer will absorb heat.

Microfiber leather is also called rawhide, is the best artificial leather, leather and real leather is very similar, feel a little hard, outsiders are difficult to distinguish leather or rawhide, many manufacturers in the market to this kind of leather as imported leather.

Distinguish the quality of the skin can be through the following methods :

1) with the hand, the soft feel is good leather, hard feel is not good leather.

2) Fingers gently press the derma, good leather will leave thin and dense grain, lift the hand texture immediately restore the prototype, bad leather, fingers pressed down after the grain is thick, or there will be no change.

3) Smell the skin, no smell or taste good, is imported skin, smell very bad, there is a natural water smell is domestic skin.

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