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Fabrics commonly available on the market

Fabrics commonly available on the market


Other fabrics commonly available on the market


Velvet is the general name of a kind of fabric. It is a sofa cotton material with rich fluff on the surface after being drawn. It is divided into two kinds: single-sided fleece and double-sided fleece. Single-sided velvet is mainly twill, also known as serge velvet; Double-sided velvet is mainly plain.

Velvety is made of raised tissue and then cut and finished. The surface of velvety has dense, flat, towering and glossy fluff, so it is called velvety, also known as mercerized velvety. Velvety warp and weft yarns are made of high quality cotton yarn. Velvety plush plump flat, thick texture, soft feel, soft light, wear-resistant and durable, good warmth, elastic, not easy to wrinkle. According to the different raising yarn, divided into warp velveteen (cut velveteen) and weft velveteen (leveling thread). Tiger (j) deerskin velvet is divided into two kinds, one is pure animal deer or sheep skin made. But the other is also more commonly used, more often mentioned, is synthetic deerskin. In the material market, when it comes to deerskin velvet, it generally refers to chemical fiber, including denim imitation leather velvet, warp imitation leather velvet (cloth sole imitation leather velvet), weft imitation leather velvet (color butyl imitation leather velvet), warp knitted leather velvet, double-sided leather velvet, elastic imitation leather velvet, etc.

Ramie cotton blend

Ramie cotton blend is flax yarn (thread) and cotton yarn (thread) warp and weft interwoven cloth or ramie cotton and so on. That is to say, there is cotton in the linen, the composition of this does not decide how much, hemp is much more expensive. Ramie cotton blended cloth is generally blended with 55% hemp and 45% cotton or 50% of hemp and cotton. The appearance maintains the unique rough and crisp style of hemp fabric, and only the soft characteristics of cotton fabric, improving the shortcomings of hemp fabric is not clean enough, easy to fuze. Cotton and linen interwoven fabric is mostly made of cotton warp and linen weft. Its texture is firm and smooth, and it feels softer than pure linen. flocking

Electrostatic flocking is to make use of the physical properties of charge repulsion and opposites attraction, so that the pile with negative charge, put the object to be flocking on zero potential or ground condition, the pile is attracted by the plant body by different potential, vertical acceleration to the surface of the object to be flocking, because the plant body coated with adhesive, the pile is vertically stuck to the plant body. So electrostatic flocking is a new production technology which takes advantage of the natural characteristics of electric charge. Flocking features: strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, soft feel, luxury and noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation moisture-proof, no velvet, friction resistance, smooth without gap. Velvet shearing

Cashmere cutting is a kind of high-end fabric in the world, mainly used in high-grade sofa and jewelry, it is woven on the bottom material above a layer of flannelette, and then according to the need to cut out the required pattern from the flannelette above, the pattern of cashmere cutting is very three-dimensional and beautiful and generous. Wool and linen blend

A variety of fabrics made from yarns of different proportions of wool and linen blends, including wool and linen herringbone and various kinds of wool twist. Wool and linen blended fabric has the characteristics of smooth, crisp and elastic.

Silk and linen blended fabric

Silk and linen sand washing fabric is a new product developed by sand washing technology in recent years. It has both the fine characteristics of silk and hemp fabrics. The department also overcomes the weakness of the strength of silk sand washed fabric, producing a cool and elastic feel. Hemp blended with chemical fiber

It includes the fabric blended with one kind of chemical fiber and the fabric blended with two or more kinds of chemical fiber. Such as: polyester hemp, hemp, viscose hemp and other fabrics, "three in one" fabric. a. Polyester linen: refers to the fabric of polyester and linen blended yarn or the fabric of warp and weft that uses polyester and linen blended yarn. It includes polyester flan cloth, polyester hemp yarn-woven cloth, polyester hemp canvas and polyester hemp fine spun, polyester hemp golf cloth and other varieties. Polyester linen has both polyester and hemp fiber properties, crisp and breathable, strong sense of hair shape.

b. "Three-in-one" blended fabric: refers to the fabric blended with two kinds of fibers, such as polyester wool hemp, polyester hemp cotton, polyester hemp hemp, etc. This kind of fabric not only has the cool, comfortable, crisp and breathable characteristics of hemp fabric, but also has the excellent characteristics of other two kinds of fibers, such as polyester wool hemp has the style of hemp, and wool polyester tweed has the characteristics of good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and avoid ironing, which can meet the needs of various uses.

Polyamide fabric

Known for its excellent wear resistance, it is often blended or interwoven with other fibers to improve the strength and fastness of the fabric. The characteristics of nylon fiber fabrics can be summarized as follows: the wear-resisting performance of nylon fabric is the first of all kinds of fabrics, many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, therefore, its durability is excellent: the moisture absorption of nylon fabric is a better variety in synthetic fiber fabrics; Nylon fabric is a lightweight fabric, only listed in the synthetic fiber fabric after nylon, eye fabric. Acrylic fabric

Commonly known as artificial wool, so its fabric has a soft, fluffy feel similar to wool fabric, and bright color, popular among consumers. The characteristics of nylon fiber fabrics are: the nylon has the reputation of synthetic wool, its elasticity and unkempt similar to natural wool. Therefore, its fabric warmth is not under wool fabric, even than similar wool fabric about 15% higher: lung fabric dyed bright light resistance is a variety of fiber fabrics first. But its wear resistance is the worst among all kinds of synthetic fiber fabrics; Hygroscopicity is poor, easy to stain, there is a sense of stuffy, but its size stability performance is better; It has good heat resistance, ranking the second place in synthetic fiber, and is resistant to acid, oxidant and organic solvent, and is relatively sensitive to alkali.

Vylon fabric

Vylon is called synthetic cotton because it resembles cotton. Its blood characteristics are as follows: hygroscopic is the strongest in the synthetic fiber fabric, so it has the general style of cotton fabric. At the same time, it is stronger and more durable than cotton cloth: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not afraid of insects, a long time of exposure to the sun has little effect on its strength. Polyester fiber

Polyester (synthetic fiber): synthetic fiber is made of high polymer compounds, polyester is one of them, it is also called poly cool fiber advantages: high strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity, heat resistance is also strong. Disadvantages: The lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so the hygroscopic property is very poor, poor air permeability. At present, the common fabric components on the market are basically a variety of names mixed together, not in accordance with a unified standard. These fabrics are not good or bad, but each has different characteristics: according to the price, the same gram of fabric, polyester is the cheapest, cotton is a little more expensive, hemp is a lot more expensive. But many yarn-dyed fabrics or chenille fabrics are heavier and thicker, so the price will be higher.

Different fabrics are suitable for different styles of sofa, modern style, strong sense of line sofa is more suitable for cotton or linen; For classic styles, use chenille, yarn-dyed fabrics. So choose the sofa, not to choose which kind of cloth, more to see the fabric color, style collocation.Want to know more knowledge about sofa fabric, Yier Textile is the perfect sofa fabric suppliers you can choose.

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