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Different fabrics of sofa

Different fabrics of sofa


Blended fabric

Wool-polyester fabric:

Wool-polyester fabric refers to the fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, which is the most common kind of wool-blended fabric at present. The common ratio of wool-polyester blend is 45:55, which can maintain the advantages of wool and play the advantages of polyester, and almost some coarse and worsted wool fabrics have corresponding wool-polyester blend varieties. The blending ratio can be adjusted according to the needs of the fabric, such as 70:30, or 80:20. Among them worsted wool polyester thin fancy suiting, also known as cool, commonly known as wool is really cool, is one of the fabrics that can best reflect the characteristics of wool polyester blend. Its warp and weft all with double strands, there are also warp with double strands, weft with single yarn and warp and weft all with single yarn, usually 20-14TEX(50-70 male) double strands, thin fabric with 10-8TEX(100-120 male) double strands, fabric weight about 170-190G) square meters.

Wool-polyester thin tweed compared with all wool-polyester tweed, light texture, good crease recovery, fast wear-resistant easy to wash and dry, pleated long lasting, stable size, not easy to moth, but feel less soft than all wool. If the glossy polyester is used as the raw material to participate in the blending, the cloth has a silky luster, and if the animal hair of cashmere or camel wool is used in the blending raw material, the feel is smooth and tender.

Washing instructions: First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general synthetic detergent, the temperature of the lotion should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, the neck and cuffs can be washed with a brush (soft), after cleaning, you can gently wring out, dry in a cool and ventilated place, do not explode in the sun, should not be dried, so as to avoid wrinkles due to cooking.

Wool-viscose blend:

The purpose of blending is to reduce the cost of woolen fabrics without reducing the style of woolen fabrics due to the mixing of viscose fibers. The mixture of viscose fiber will make the strength, wear resistance, especially the crease resistance, fluffiness and other properties of the fabric significantly worse, so the viscose content of combed fabric should not exceed 30%, and the viscose fiber content of coarse combed fabric should not exceed 50%.

Wool free rope spinning:

Sheep and rabbit hair blended wool fabric is a rapidly developed product in recent years. Blending not only improves the spinnability of rabbit hair, but also improves the style of the fabric and increases the variety of colors. Rabbit hair can make the fabric feel softer than pure wool fabric and make the appearance of the fabric silvery luster, but also can use the color of wool, rabbit hair, dyeing a two-color style.

Rabbit hair is light, low strength, poor gripping and difficult spinning. The wool free content can only be about 20%, and the wool of high grade must be blended with it. Its blended products are high-grade coat cloth, tweed or fine wool knitted fabrics.

T/R fabric:

The extensive use of plaid or strip or flash or monochrome T/R fabrics to make stand-up collars, lapel jackets and casual wear is one of the characteristics of Aidu.

T/R fabric is polyester viscose blended fabric. The polyester-viscose blend is a kind of blend with strong complementarity. Polyester viscose not only cotton type, wool type, and medium long type. Wool fabric is commonly known as "fast bus". When the polyester is not less than 50%, the blended fabric can maintain the characteristics of polyester firmness, wrinkle resistance, dimensional stability, washable and wearable. The inclusion of viscose fiber improves the permeability of fabric and the resistance to melting holes. The pilling and anti-static properties of the fabric are reduced and the polyester/adhesive blend ratio is generally used 65/35 or 67/33. Polyester/rich blend is the same as polyester/viscose. This kind of blended fabric is characterized by smooth and smooth fabric, bright color, strong wool shape, good elasticity, good moisture absorption; But the ironing property is poor.

High-density NC cloth: High-density NC cloth is a kind of fabric blended or interwoven with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn, and its warp and weft density is generally flat. The product combines the advantages of nylon and cotton yarn. The wear resistance of nylon is the first natural fiber and chemical fiber, the moisture absorption of nylon is good, its wearing comfort and dyeing performance is better than polyester, so nylon and cotton yarn blending or interweaving will not reduce the moisture absorption and wearing comfort of cotton yarn, nylon is lighter, and cotton yarn is more than the two interwoven or blended, can reduce the weight of fabric: nylon elasticity is excellent, and cotton yarn blending or interweaving heavy, after, The elasticity of the fabric is improved.

The disadvantages of NC fabric are: because the nylon is involved in interweaving or blending, the heat resistance and light resistance of the fabric is poor, and attention should be paid to washing and ironing in the process of use to avoid damage. Its most notable style features: easy to wear, soft and comfortable, easy to clean. Do not burn, do not wring.

Mousse fabric:

3M waterproof fabric: The fabric uses the latest modern technology a "new synthetic fiber" that is microfiber as raw materials to weave high-density fabric, feel soft, smooth and delicate; The fabric has countless times more fine hair than ordinary fabric, countless times higher surface area and micropores, so the fabric has a great dust, oil, decontamination ability. The fabric also uses the latest 3M brand waterproof glue in the United States, after special processing, so that the molecular micro-material of 3M glue penetrates into the fiber of the fabric, which has good waterproof performance, and does not affect the air permeability and moisture permeability of the fabric. The fabric is popular in Europe and the United States and is widely used in sofas. Its characteristics: the appearance is fine and clean, plump, there is a sense of velvet, but the eye can not see the fluff; Soft and elegant luster; Feel soft, smooth and delicate; Warm to the touch; The cloth is fluffy and elastic. Dry clean carefully, do not wring out.

TENCEL fabric:

Tencel, a new viscose fiber, also known as LYOCELL (LYOCELL) viscose fiber, its trade name Tencel.

Tencel is made by solvent spinning technology based on oxidation press, which is completely different from the previous method of making viscose fibers. Because of solvent spinning technology, the method of making viscose fiber is completely different from the previous one. Because the solvent can be recycled, it is not harmful to ecology, and is also known as the 21st century viscose fiber. Tencel is composed of fiber diesel oil, and its raw materials are trees in nature.

The main characteristics of tensilk are: high wet strength (higher than cotton fiber) wet modulus is also higher than cotton. It has the good hygroscopic properties of viscose fiber and the high strength of synthetic fiber. Tencel fabric size stability is good, washing shrinkage is small, the fabric is soft, silk-like luster. When there is a temperature, the silk fabric will expand, it is like a barrier, can prevent the intrusion of rain and snow at the same time, still maintain its breathability, in the silk fabric has the same comfort as natural fibers. The sofa made of tensilk is soft, can be cleaned in a variety of ways, and still remains soft and will not change shape. Wash by hand, do not use bleach, dry in the shade, do not wring out.

TNC Fabric:

The fabric is made of high-tech fibers, that is, super fibers (nylon, polyester) and high-count cotton yarn composite, that is, the latest popular fabric of trium-composite fibers. The fabric integrated play polyester, nylon, cotton yarn three kinds of fiber characteristics, set the advantages of three kinds of fibers in one, good wear resistance, good elastic recovery rate, good strength, feel delicate and smooth, comfortable and breathable, novel style, chic, is the ideal sofa fabric. Can be dry cleaned, not wrung out.

Different fabrics suit different styles of sofas, our fabric is very suit for Nodic style, simple and elegant,modest and luxury, stylish and practical, strong sense of design.If you are looking for a custom sofa fabric supplier, factory, Yier Textile is your best choice, as one of the best sofa fabric suppliers & manufacturers.

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