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Holland velvet fabric vs Italian velvet fabric

Holland velvet fabric vs Italian velvet fabric


Holland velvet is high-grade velvet, which has many characteristics and is much better than flannelette. Its main component is 100% polyester. This sofa fabric is high-end velvet, but it is different from Dutch velvet. Dutch velvet generally uses mulberry silk as raw material. Holland velvet feels comfortable and the fabric feels very delicate. Although this fabric is not often used to make clothes, it still has good skin-friendliness and breathability. This material is also very suitable as a fabric sofa, because the fabric also has good wear resistance and will not be easily damaged. Of course, it is also very good to make curtains. Holland velvet will not lose its hair, color and pilling, and it is a great assistant for soft clothes at home.

Comparison between Holland velvet and Italian velvet:

First, the appearance is different:

1. Italian fluff is longer.

2. Dutch velvet hair is shorter.

3. Holland velvet is also shorter.

Second, the texture is different

1. Dutch velvet is the name of silk fabric with velvet warp forming loops or fluff on the fabric surface. Dutch velvet fluff or loops stand close together. It has the characteristics of luster, wear resistance and fastness, and can be used for fabrics such as clothing and bedding.

2. Italian cashmere fiber is held on the plied core yarn, with plump suede, velvet feeling, soft and comfortable touch, strong decoration, good air permeability, showing style and taste, and being natural and simple. Waterproof and oil-proof, non-toxic, cool, sun-resistant, acid-base resistant.

3. Holland velvet is a kind of high-grade suede, which is particularly soft and silky to the touch, which can't be compared with ordinary flannel. Thickening, encryption, exquisiteness, drape, wear resistance, no pilling and no shrinkage.

Third, the color is different

1. Dutch velvet is matte. The raw material is Grade A precursor with 22 ~ 30 cocoons, silk as warp and cotton yarn as weft interwoven ground. Pile loops with silk or rayon. Both warp and weft yarns are degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, added and woven.

2. Italian cashmere is bright, with a full suede and a velvet feel.

3. Holland velvet belongs to reactive printing and dyeing, healthy printing and dyeing, with bright colors and no fading.

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First, maintenance and cleaning of flannel:

Velvet fabric is special, with more fluff on its surface and a fixed wool direction. It is a delicate variety in the fabric category, so daily care is very important.

Second, the nursing method:

1. keep indoor ventilation dry, good weather often open doors and windows for ventilation;

2. regular cleaning, you can use a duster to gently dust off the surface of the flannel;

3. low gentle hair ironing or curtain reverse ironing;

4. Don't bend the flannel curtain forcibly in daily use, so as to avoid the crease that is difficult to repair.

Third, the cleaning method:

1. Clean the vacuum cleaner. The most commonly used and simplest cleaning method can be easily cleaned without disassembly and washing, and can also absorb a lot of dust attached to the surface of flannel curtains. It is very convenient to clean the flannel curtains every month.

2. The steam engine is clean. At present, there are many steam vacuum cleaners for wall covering and curtain fabrics in the market, which are definitely good helpers for flannel cleaning. First, use the ordinary vacuum mode to absorb the dust, and then clean it again in the steam mode, and the curtains will become spotless!

3. Professional cleaning structure. If the curtains are stained and have a large area, it is difficult to clean them in the above two ways. Then it is necessary to clean the curtains as a whole.


As a furniture fabric manufacturer, I hope this information will be helpful for you to choose furniture fabrics.

By the way, our factory can customize fabrics for customers. We have a research and development team, and I believe they can solve any requirements. Our factory has more than ten years' experience in the furniture fabric industry, so I believe we can make the best fabrics for our customers.

Recently, our factory has produced a lot of printed Holland velvet, and we can give you free samples. I think it is the best explanation to give customers trust that customers receive samples and conduct quality inspection on their own.

Of course, if you have time, you are also very welcome. Our company has a sample room, and we can also show you how the post-processing equipment in our factory produces fabrics. Our company is located in Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Our factory mainly produces sofa fabrics, such as Fake suede, technology sofa fabrics (fake leather) and some other kinds of velvet and suede. If you are interested, you can find the fabric you want on our website.

See you next time.

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