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Different kinds of suede

Different kinds of suede


Suede, also known as camel's wool, is a textile made from the fine hair of a camel. This hair is collected mainly from the belly and neck of the camel and is a very rare and valuable fiber. The fiber structure of suede is very special, has excellent thermal insulation, and at the same time is very light, which makes it ideal for winter clothing.The color of suede is usually a natural brown or white, and due to its special fiber structure, it will show a unique shine in the sun. In addition, suede is also a very soft material, which will have a silky touch when worn.

When choosing a sofa fabric suede product, the first thing we need to confirm is the purity of the product. Because the fibers of suede are very precious, many so-called "suede" products on the market are actually mixed with other fibers. In general, the label of the product will clearly indicate the fiber content of the product, so be sure to pay attention to it when purchasing.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the production process of the product. Because the fibers of suede are very delicate, a very fine manual process is required in the production process. If the production process of the product is rough, then it may damage the fiber of the suede, affecting its insulation and comfort.

Finally, we need to consider the style and design of the product. Because the price of suede fabric for sofa is relatively high, when choosing products, we should choose those with classic design and durable styles, so that the value of suede can be better played.

Weft suede

The width of the white blank is 160cm and the width of the finished product is 145cm. Its finished fabric weight is about 160 grams/square meter. Weft suede is the ideal fabric for making various home textiles and shoe materials. Product sales are on the rise in the market. Warp suede product specification 11.5*5+28, raw material specification is 105D×150D. It can also be produced on water jet or air jet looms. Its texture is better than the weft suede fabric for sofa, thick, velvet is its main characteristics, after finishing can be hot stamping, embossing, punching, printing and so on. The white blank width of the product is 160cm, the finished product width is 152cm, and the finished fabric weight is about 170 grams/square meter. Warp suede not only makes sofa covers, decorative fabrics, women's spring and autumn clothes, but also makes curtains after printing. Most of the products are exported to Europe and the United States. Because of its wide use, it is favored by merchants.

Warp knitted suede

Warp knitted suede sofa fabric using island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island as raw material, the application of warp knitted high-speed textile manufacturing process, so that the product has other advantages than the wool, and then through sophisticated technology pre-shrink, shape, dyeing and other processing. The fabric produced in this way has the advantages of soft feel, good drape, good wearable and easy to take care of. The final process is the use of embossing finishing process, embossing into a variety of people's favorite patterns, including irregular square points, leaves, daffodils, ripples, roses, rose and other 20 kinds of roses. The base color used is also colorful, adding a more attractive style to the fabric. The width of the finished product is 150cm, and the weight of each meter is about 140 grams. This cloth is suitable for the production of clinique casual wear and dresses, into the upper body, both fashionable and elegant, but also add attractive charm. At present, the supply of upstream island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island is tight, people of insight believe that this fabric meets people's demand for new and fashionable, so sales prospects continue to be promising.

Cationic suede

In addition, cationic suede sales trend is on the rise. The fabric uses the novel cationic island silk fiber, which makes the product have the advantages that other fleece can not. The fabric is fresh and elegant, full of beauty, beautiful color and not easy to fade. It is widely loved by urban and rural consumers for its good suede sofa fabric effect, no fuzz and ball, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong performance, drape and stiff. The width of the cloth is 160cm, the weight of each meter is about 200 grams, and the color is rich and varied. It is not only the ideal fabric for making casual clothes, but also the fashionable fabric for trouser suits, which not only makes the wearer relaxed and natural, but also has an extraordinary demeanor. The main reason for the popularity and rapid popularity of the product is that it is in tune with the fashion of advocating nature and pursuing leisure.

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