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Difference Between Single-Sided Velvet And Double-Sided Velvet

Difference Between Single-Sided Velvet And Double-Sided Velvet


There are two kinds of single-sided velvet and double-sided velvet. One-sided velvet weave is mainly twill, also known as serge velvet; Double-faced cashmere is mainly plain weave. Velvet cloth is soft, comfortable to wear and warm, and is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. Printed flannel and yarn-dyed plaid flannel are suitable for women and children's spring and autumn coats. The flannel printed with animals, flowers and fairy tales is also called bud bud velvet, which is suitable for children. Natural wool, bleached wool, assorted wool and sesame wool are generally used as winter clothes, gloves, shoes and hats. The pile-up of flannel is formed by pulling up some fibers on the surface of grey cloth by the repeated action of the steel wire needle tip of the pile-up machine. The pile-up is required to be short, dense and uniform. Printed flannel is brushed before printing, while bleached and variegated flannel is brushed at the end. The warp used in the grey cloth of flannel should be fine; Weft yarns should be thick and have less twist. The cotton fiber for spinning weft should be thick and have good uniformity. The warp density of the fabric is smaller, and the weft density is larger, so that the weft emerges on the surface, which is beneficial to the formation of full and uniform fluff of weft cotton fibers. After napping, the weft strength of flannel is greatly lost, so it is very important to master the quality of cotton yarn and the operation of napping process. A cotton cloth with fluff, raised on one or both sides, especially for underwear and pajamas.

Double-faced velvet is divided into woven double-faced velvet and knitted double-faced velvet. Knitted double-faced velvet is generally used in home textiles, such as bed sheets, and it is woven double-faced velvet with clean wiping function: the woven double-faced velvet is made of superfine fiber nylon-polyester composite yarn and woven with 2 weft double-faced fabric. Product specifications: fabric composition nylon-polyester composite yarn 80: 20 width 130-165cm, square gram weight 150-210g. High-grade clean cloth produced by polyester/nylon double-group composite superfine fiber has a fineness of less than 0.2dtex, which is about one tenth of that of ordinary fiber. This composite fiber has a special processing technology such as spinning and opening, which makes capillary effect between fibers, high fiber density, large specific surface area and large contact area with the object to be wiped. Therefore, all kinds of water, dust and oil stains in the object to be wiped are transferred to the fiber, and decontamination is rapid. It has been determined that its water absorption is five times that of the cleaning cloth made of ordinary wiping materials, and its durability and washability are three times. This kind of clean cloth is very soft and elegant, and it is an ideal cleaning product for hotels, restaurants, factories, families, glass curtain walls, automobiles, computer precision instruments, meters, CDs, camera lenses, glasses and so on.

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Therefore, we chose double-faced velvet fabric as a bath towel, which has the following advantages:

1, excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function;

2, high water absorption;

3, softness will not damage the surface of the object;

4. Provide sufficient dry and wet strength;

5. Low ion release;

6, it is not easy to cause chemical reactions;

7, the average gram weight is light, it is easy to carry and the quick-drying effect is obvious.

8. Dust-free cloth The edge of this product is sealed by the most advanced trimming machine, which will not leave particles and thread ends after wiping, and has strong decontamination ability;

9. You can use the method of melting and sealing on two sides and heat sealing on the other two sides, or sealing on four sides, which can provide better edge sealing protection.

I hope this article can better help customers understand what double-faced cashmere is and its performance, how to care for velvet sofa. If you want the fabric to be tested, please let us know, and we can send you free fabric for testing. Of course, my fabric is dyed without any fluorescent agent, and the color can also be according to customer's requirements. We can meet any requirements of customers, so that customers can realize that our services are in place.

In addition, I also believe that our quality and price will be satisfied by our customers. We have more than ten years' experience in the sofa fabric industry. We also have cooperative dyeing factories and fabric factories, and we also have post-processing factories. If you are interested, we can show you our processing plant, and we welcome you very much!

Of course, it would be great if our old customers could give us an excellent evaluation after receiving the exquisite goods.

Thank you for watching, thank you! I wish you all a happy day and a prosperous business.

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