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How to distinguish artificial leather from genuine leather

How to distinguish artificial leather from genuine leather


1, the shape of natural leather is irregular, the thickness is not uniform, the surface is often more or less, or light or heavy there are some natural defects, because the cowboy nature growth, it is inevitable that the skin will have wounds leaving scars. Its surface is smooth and fineness is not complete material face leather has obvious pores and patterns, and the leather is generally velvet. The synthetic leather has uniform thickness, smooth surface, no natural defects, its pores and patterns are also very uniform, and the leather is generally free of velvet.

2, for sweat leather sofa fabric products, it is more difficult to distinguish between leather and artificial leather, especially small area, tight structure, can not see the leather products inside, the identification method of such products is: first look at the appearance, uniform texture, no disability, no rough lines, no defects may be artificial leather; The texture of leather has some differences, especially the difference between the main part and the secondary part of the leather products should be obvious, and then carefully observe the pore distribution and shape: natural leather holes and deep should not see the bottom, you can feel as if there is a fine hole left by hair pulling out; The shallow and vertical pores may be synthetic leather modified leather. Some even directly use the machine to press out some similar pores, it is obvious to see. In addition, the cross-sectional fiber of natural leather has its own characteristics from the cross-sectional plane, and the thickness of each layer of fiber changes. The fiber layers of synthetic leather are basically uniform with a layer of plastic film on the surface.

3, tension and elasticity test: natural leather has good elasticity and tension, on the contrary is artificial leather.

4, blowing test: can be aligned with the reverse side of the leather with saliva blowing, in the front leakage, it is because the leather has this "anti-reverse performance", when you wear leather, the cold effect is very obvious, and formed a good permeability, which fully reflects the value of leather.

5, visual identification: First of all, from the leather sofa fabric pattern, pores and other aspects to identify, in the surface of natural leather can see the pattern, pores do exist, and uneven distribution, there are animal fibers on the opposite side, side section, the level is obviously distinguishable, the lower layer of animal fibers, with fingernail scraping test will appear leather fibers stand up, there is a feeling of fleece, a small amount of fibers can also fall down, The synthetic leather can see the fabric on the opposite side, there is no animal fiber on the side, the general skin has no pores, but some have imitation skin artificial pores, there will be not obvious pores, some patterns are not obvious, or there are more regular artificial patterns, the pores are quite consistent.

6, respectively bending different parts, the thickness of the wrinkles produced, how much, there are obvious non-uniformity, basically can be identified as genuine leather because the real leather has a natural non-uniform fiber tissue composition, so the formation of wrinkles performance also has obvious non-uniformity. Synthetic leather feels like plastic, poor resilience, bending down the thickness of the fold is similar.

7, odor identification method: natural leather has a very strong fur smell, even after treatment, the taste is more obvious, and artificial leather products, there is a plastic taste, no fur taste.

Combustion identification method: mainly by smelling the scorch smell and looking at the ash state, natural leather will emit a hair burning gas 8. Taste, the burnt ashes are generally fragile into powder, and artificial leather, after burning the flame is also more prosperous, the contraction is rapid, and there is a very bad taste of plastic, sticky after burning, after cooling will be hard into a block.

9, but in recent years due to the continuous innovation of the fashion industry, real leather material has been pressed into a lot of new patterns, the most common lychee pattern. Serpentine, patent-coated leather, etc. It is not very visible from the surface, but it can be identified from the side of the leather.

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