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You can learn knowledge about fabrics on Labor Day

You can learn knowledge about fabrics on Labor Day


May 1st is Labor Day. How many days did everyone have a holiday?

Haha, we have a three-day holiday. Maybe our manager is happy these days. Originally, we were prepared to plan a two-day holiday.

Now we can go out and play as much as we like, and many of our colleagues from other places can have enough time to go back to their hometown.

I'll just talk about where I'm going to play during the May Day holiday.

The first day was very unpleasant, and my stomach was very uncomfortable. Fortunately, it didn't rain that day. I basked in the sun for a while on my way to Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and felt much more comfortable. But a kid got carsick and threw up in the car. Then we went to a car wash shop and then went straight to Yuehe Street in Jiaxing. There are food and antiques in this street. At that time, I heard a pendant with a discount of 500 RMB, and I was in no mood to buy it in an instant. At noon, we ate the local specialty "Tongxiang No.1 Pot", but I didn't think it was as delicious as my family's. The most incredible thing is that the shrimp line was not taken out, so I didn't eat it. I ate bullfrogs and chicken wings, and the meat was still fresh and tender. The recommendation was 6 points. There are many ancient towns in Jiaxing, and Wuzhen is also here. It is the first ancient town in China. If you have friends you like, don't miss this ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. Then we went to the Catholic church, which is a holy place for punching cards. The church has a beautiful appearance. I have photos, but the photos I took can't be said to be ugly. After that, we also went to Nanhu Tiandi. There were so many people that there were no tickets. I had no choice but to go home. After this trip, I can only say that most of the time was spent on the road.

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The next day, I went to Puyuan Ancient Town with my family. However, it has not been fully opened, only one third of the area has been opened. Therefore, the fare is only half price, and the scenery inside is pleasant, but there are too few hotels. At that time, there was a puppet show at 11 noon, but later it was changed to 11: 30, which wasted a lot of time. I was really hungry. Fortunately, there was a food street later, and I bought a starch sausage. After we finished shopping, it was 2: 30 in the afternoon, and finally we ate a bowl of wonton stuffed with fresh meat and shrimp, which was delicious in one word.

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On the third day, we all rested at home and walked too much. On the Tik Tok, I saw a lot of people climbing the mountain for three hours on foot, so their legs were badly damaged, causing diseases. Everyone should pay attention to rest.

I hope everyone can have a happy holiday!

Of course, it's important to relax during holidays, and so is work. As the saying goes, "You can't do anything without money".

Recently, there are few factory orders, and there are few orders for technology cloth, but the orders for plush products have been progressing continuously. Many customers like the post-processing products of holland velvet series and some velvet sofa covers.

² knowledge points:

Plush fabrics can also be divided into velveteen velvet, short-pile velvet (with the advantages of full environmental protection, high color fastness, soft feel, full pile, bright color, etc.);

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 diamond-pile fabric, snowflake-pile fabric (with high strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity, strong heat resistance and warmth retention, and good visual effect and touch);

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golden velvet and holland velvet (both of which give people a very strong surface effect of luster and rubbing, Velvet is easy to pilling, generate static electricity and absorb dust, and its wrinkle resistance and elasticity are not very good); 

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microfiber suede fabric and Chenille (suede sofa fabric is mainly characterized by dense, slender and soft short fluff on the fabric surface, soft and thick cloth body, good warmth retention, hygroscopicity and wear resistance. Chenille yarn is a kind of coarse yarn, which looks furry, and the cloth woven with chenille is collectively called chenille. Suede feels thinner and chenille is thicker, but the styles of both materials are rough).

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