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Sofa cleaning method

Sofa cleaning method


Fabric sofa warm, comfortable, is the preferred type of home sofa for many fashion young people, fabric sofa is also suitable for small area living room, can make the room appear warm, romantic, fabric sofa in use for a period of time, there will be dust and stains, how to clean fabric sofa? Cloth sofa cleaning up is also more convenient, the following for you to introduce the cloth sofa cleaning knowledge.


First, detachable and non-detachable cloth sofa cleaning method


1, detachable best sofa fabric cleaning method cotton fabric sofa cleaning: can be washed at low temperature, but try not to wash with washing machine, can not use bleach cleaning to avoid fading. Jacquard fabric sofa cleaning: its advantage is not easy to fade, machine washable. However, if the fabric is added to rayon, rayon, etc., it must be dry cleaned. Note: Both printed and jacquard fabrics can only be dry cleaned when the fabric is made of natural fibers such as hemp and wool.


2, can not disassemble the cloth sofa cleaning method

Dust cleaning: First use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust published by the cloth art sand, and then gently wipe with a towel. Remember not to scrub with a lot of water, so that the water penetrates into the sofa and causes the edge frame of the sofa to be damp, deformed, and the sand to shrink. Coffee and other colored drinks cleaning: if it is coffee and other drinks drop on the sofa cloth cover, to immediately take a towel dipped in warm water, the drink from the sand surface suction out, and the earlier the better, if once the time becomes stubborn stains will be difficult to deal with, the surface with velvet cloth sofa cleaning: Brush with a clean brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol, and then dry with a hairdryer. If you encounter juice stains, mix with a little baking soda and water, and then rub with a cloth to remove the stains.


Second, the general method of cloth sofa cleaning


1, vacuum cleaner method: technology cloth sofa relative to leather sofa will be easier to dirty, so in order to ensure the clean and beautiful fabric sofa, be sure to regularly clean the suede fabric for sofa. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean up the fabric sofa is a very good method, and can effectively clean up the dust on the fabric sofa.


2, cleaning method: Now the general fabric sofa has a sofa cover, you can remove the sofa cover clean, but pay attention to is frequent cleaning, because the fabric of the sofa will fade, shrink, deformation and so on. As long as you use it for about a year, you can remove the cover of the fabric sofa and thoroughly clean it.


3, sprinkle antifouling agent: fabric sofa in the new cover, you can spray a layer of fabric antifouling agent on its surface, so that you can effectively avoid dust contamination.


4, cover the sand hair towel: because the fabric sofa will be more resistant to dirty, especially the armrest, head, seat position. For these places can be covered with sand towel, as long as the time to clean the sand towel is good, and convenient.

5, professional cleaning: For the large area of stains on the fabric sofa, it is necessary to ask professional cleaning personnel to clean. If you clean it yourself, it is likely to destroy the sand surface of the cloth sofa, which is not good.


Third, the special cleaning method of fabric sofa


(1) Water pumping equipment: sofa brush, sprayer, water suction machine, sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine. Use material: high foam stain remover. Operation method: 1, use a vacuum cleaner to fully vacuum 2, dilute detergent, can also be injected into the water tank 3, on the sofa to spray detergent 4, after 10-15 minutes, the stain is removed from the fiber 5, use the sauna machine, high temperature cleaning machine alternately, at least two pumping 6, in the cleaning of the sofa at the same time, with a suction machine to clean the sofa has been washed 7, let the sofa completely

dry, In order to speed up the sofa drying, you can start the sofa dryer.


(2) Dry bubble cleaning equipment and tools: sauna machine with sofa brush and bubble maker, high temperature cleaning machine, dust suction machine. Materials used: leather sofa maintenance agent, sofa stain remover. Operation method: 1, use a vacuum cleaner to fully vacuum 2, local treatment is to use a special detergent on the sofa on the oil stains, stains separate treatment 3, dilute foam stain remover, into the bubble box 4, with cloth on the sofa brush after the hand brush edge, corner and machine can not push 5, with a single tray machine equipped with foam, sofa brush, to dry brush the sofa 6, function for a while, Then repeat 7, use a high temperature cleaning machine to disinfect the sofa, cleaning treatment 8, let the water suction machine to dry the sofa completely dry.

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