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Technology fabric Sofa

Technology fabric Sofa


The main raw material of technology fabric sofa is polyester, so it is actually a very special polyester fabric.

The visual effect brought by technology fabric is very close to leather, with the texture and texture of leather, with high environmental protection, light resistance and wear resistance, often used in the production of sofa, so in addition to fabric, leather, wooden sofa, people will often see "Technology fabric sofa".

The biggest feature of this fabric is that it looks and feels very much like real leather.

1. With super permeability, high coverage and softness.

2. With the appearance of leather, color, texture and fabric permeability and softness.

3. Soft feel, comfortable to touch, with excellent moisture permeability and heat permeability.

4. Strong durability and ease of care

5. It is more valuable and economical than the same grade sofa.

6.Wear-resistant,wrinkle-resistant,non-peeling,non-fading, environmentally friendly and odorless, favored by the public.1, the definition of technology cloth

Technology fabric sofa is also called science and technology microfiber cloth, nanotechnology cloth, is a kind of cloth, can also be understood as artificial leather.

The main material is polyester, usually using warp knitted cloth, the use of 3D bionic design, and through dyeing, hair drawing, penetration printing, hot stamping, film, sand washing, thickening composite, dry drying and other complex processes to produce new fabrics.

The "science and technology" process of science and technology cloth

Science and technology cloth sofa uses advanced design concept and exquisite technology, its "science and technology" process is mainly reflected in the design, base cloth and surface three aspects.


A. "Technology" of design

Bionic design takes the texture structure of the beautiful skin pattern in nature as the research object, accurately replicating it, and selectively applying it in pattern design. At the same time, combined with bionics technology, it provides new ideas, principles and ways for textile technology.

B. The "technology" of Kibbe

It is usually prepared by a 28-pin high-speed warp knitting machine with a elastic filament of less than 0.1mm as a raw material, and there are 100,000 micro-pores per cubic meter. The density of the preparation is 18.1C/CM, and the gram weight is 180g. Has a breakthrough leather fabric super good physical properties.

C, surface "technology"

The surface layer is mainly PU resin penetration coating, and the base fabric is processed by complex process to realize the advantages and appearance of the similar leather, while making up for the defects and shortcomings of the leather.

The characteristics of science and technology cloth

A. Comparable to real leather

① The printing and dyeing standard of two-color or multi-color leather is used to truly restore the appearance, color and texture of a variety of natural leather such as litchi skin pattern, lamb skin pattern, oil wax skin pattern.

② Soft feel, comfortable to touch. Long-term contact, will not appear sticky feeling. Constant temperature throughout the year, room temperature at the bottom of the time will not feel cold.

③ The senses are thick and full, and the texture is comfortable and light.

B, safety and environmental protection

① does not contain inferior fabrics harmful to the human body formaldehyde, benzene and other corrosive irritating components.

② Oxygen permeability can reach more than 90%, which can effectively prevent the breeding of microorganisms such as mites and bacteria.

③ Can be used for long-term contact, safe and healthy, green environmental protection.

At the same time, it can effectively reduce the consumption of animal resources and the killing of precious species.

C, excellent performance

① Excellent permeability, soaking hot, it can prevent the penetration of external water, but also adsorption of internal water to the surface and evaporation.

② Good elasticity and high strength, with good resilience and toughness, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

③ High tolerance, not easy to change color, even after 4 hours of sunlight still does not change color, at a high temperature of 50 degrees for 24 hours will not change color.

④ After nano-level anti-fouling, waterproof, dustproof treatment, with corrosion resistance, long-term use of skin.

⑤ Super flexibility, while having good ductility and wrinkle resistance.

D, cost-effective

① Has a strong durability, and easy to take care of, performance and quality are far more than low-grade leather, while making up for many defects of leather.

② The raw material is cloth, the process technology is mature, so the cost and price are relatively low.

Common parameters

Common technology fabrics, like ordinary fabrics, are usually sold in whole rolls by the number of meters.

Size specification:

Width: usually 1400mm~1500mm, common 1420mm, 1450mm, 1470mm.

Length: usually 30m~50m, common 30m, 50m.

Weight: usually 250g/m~450g/m, common 280g/m, 350g/m, 420g/m.


Price range

Technology cloth is mainly affected by size, thickness, process, texture style, brand and other factors, the price range is 20~60 yuan /m.

Taking the fabric width of 1450mm and the weight of 380g/m as an example, the ordinary texture is usually priced at 20 to 25 yuan /m.

Category and material comparison of science and technology cloth

1. Category of science and technology cloth

Science and technology cloth sofa can be made into different patterns and textures, so the category of science and technology cloth is mainly differentiated according to the different fabric texture patterns, which can be mainly divided into two categories: imitation natural texture skin pattern and imitation process texture skin pattern.


2, imitation of natural texture skin pattern

Reproduction of animal skin texture in nature.

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