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Warp suede vs Weft suede

Warp suede vs Weft suede


Suede is a kind of coat made of suede. The product specification is 15×5×33, and the raw material specification is 75D×225D d. It can be produced on both water-jet loom and air-jet loom. The product is characterized by good velvet feeling, softness and delicacy.

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Woven suede products are mainly divided into warp and weft suede.

Warp suede: the width of white blank is 160cm, and the width of finished product is 145cm. The gram weight of the finished suede fabric for sofa is about 160g/m2. Weft suede is an ideal fabric for making all kinds of home textiles and shoes. Product sales are on the rise in the market. The product specification of warp suede is 11.5*5+28, and the raw material specification is 105D×150D. It can also be produced on water-jet loom or air-jet loom. Its texture is better than weft suede, and its main characteristics are its thickness and strong velvet feeling. After finishing, it can be bronzed, embossed, punched and printed. The width of the product blank is 160cm, the width of the finished product is 152cm, and the weight of the finished fabric is about 170 g/m2. Warp suede not only makes sofa cover, decorative cloth and ladies' spring and autumn clothes, but also can be used as curtains after printing. Most products are exported to Europe, America and other places. Because of its wide use, it is favored by merchants.

Weft suede: It is made of sea-island yarn FDY75D/36F*37, with warp knitting high-speed weaving technology, which makes this product have advantages that other cashmere can't match, and then it is pre-shrunk, shaped and dyed by sophisticated technology. The fabric produced in this way has the advantages of soft touch, good drape, good wearability and easy care. The last step is the embossing finishing process, which is embossed into various popular patterns, including more than 20 kinds of irregular Fiona Fang dots, leaves, daffodils, ripples, roses and Chinese rose flowers. The background color used is also rich and colorful, adding a more charming style to the fabric. The width of the finished product is 150cm, and the weight of cloth per meter is about 140 grams. This fabric is suitable for making casual clothes and skirts of Qiannv, which are fashionable and elegant and add attractive charm. At present, the supply of upstream sea island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island is tight. People of insight believe that this fabric meets people's demand for novelty and fashion, so the sales prospect continues to be good.

In addition, the sales trend of cationic suede is in the ascendant. The fabric adopts novel cationic sea island silk fiber, which makes the product have advantages that other cashmere products can't match. The satin weave is selected to weave on the water jet loom, and the fabric is fresh, elegant, beautiful, colorful and not easy to fade. It is widely loved by urban and rural consumers because of its good suede effect, lint-free and ball-free, good wrinkle resistance, strong wearability, drape and crispness. The width of its cloth cover is 160cm, and each meter of cloth weighs about 200 grams, with rich colors. It is not only an ideal fabric for making casual clothes, but also a fashionable fabric for making trousers. When it is put on the upper body, it not only makes the wearer relaxed and natural, but also has extraordinary demeanor. The main reason why this product is popular and quickly popular is that it coincides with the fashion of advocating nature and pursuing leisure.

In fact, suede is made of polyester, not really made of animal fur. One of the reasons is to protect animals and reduce costs.

Advantage of suede

1. High-grade and tasteful

Suede is soft and smooth in wool, light in texture and good in touch, and looks much more upscale than other ordinary fabrics. Suede sofa fabric has a plump and delicate surface, and because the fibers on its surface are very fine, it forms a multi-layer structure with small reflective points, luster and soft color. The slender fiber has small bending stiffness (refers to the ability of an object to resist its bending deformation), which highlights the feeling of elegance and chic.

2. Comfort

Due to the fine surface fibers and dense voids, the fabric is endowed with good water and oil absorption. The micropore structure between fabrics allows more static air in the fabric, so it can obtain better heat insulation and warmth retention.

3. The waterproof and vapor permeable performance is remarkable.

The diameter of raindrops is generally between 100 and 200 μ m, while the water vapor of human body is about 0.1 μ m.. As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the fiber gap is changed, the sea-island high-density fabric with a gap of only 0.2 ~ 10 μ m can be woven, which gives the fabric excellent waterproof and vapor permeability.

4. strong decontamination ability

Due to the large specific surface area and dense gaps of fine fibers, the fabric has a strong cleaning effect. Cleaning products made of suede material for sofa are very soft and will never scratch the cleaned items.

Disadvantages of suede:

It is difficult to take care of, and requires high preservation and cleaning. It is not machine washable, especially when cleaning shoes and bags made of suede fabrics, professional tools and detergents should be used.

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