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The differences between woven and knitted

The differences between woven and knitted


The differences between woven and knitted are as follows:

First, the composition of the fabric is different:

1, woven: is composed of two or more groups of mutual vertical yarn, at a 90 degree Angle for warp and weft interwoven fabric, longitudinal yarn called warp yarn, transverse yarn called weft yarn.

2, knitting: is the sequence of yarn bending into a coil, and the coil sets with each other to form fabric, and the process of yarn forming a coil, can be carried out horizontally or vertically, horizontal knitting is called weft knitting fabric, and longitudinal knitting is called warp knitting fabric.

Second, the basic unit of fabric organization is different:

1, woven: each intersection point between the warp and weft is called the organization point, which is the smallest basic unit of woven fabric.

2, knitting: the coil is the smallest basic unit of knitted fabric, and the coil is composed of a spatial curve of the loop dry and the extension line.

Three, fabric characteristics are different:

1, woven: the sofa fabric is longitudinally-contracted, and the warp and weft will not be converted. Because of the warp of the woven fabric, the weft extension has little relationship with the contraction, and there is no conversion, so the fabric is generally tight and stiff.

2, knitting: because the coil is yarn bending in space, the height and width of the coil under different tension conditions, obviously can be converted to each other, so the elongation of the knitted fabric is large. Knitted fabric has soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and has greater extensibility and elasticity

Four, the use of different equipment:

1, weaving: It is to use the shuttle to drive the weft through the opening of the warp. Shuttleless loom appeared in the 1850s, and the contemporary shuttleless loom has rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom, and plate shuttle loom.

2, knitting: The use of knitting needles to a variety of raw materials and varieties of yarn to form a coil, and then through the string set connected into knitted fabric.

Weaving is not the same, weaving is made of warp and weft interwoven, so there are two directions of warp and weft. Knitting is made up of a coil that is constantly knotted, so it has a certain degree of elasticity.

Knitted fabrics differ from woven fabrics in the shape of the yarn in the furniture fabrics. Woven, widely used in shirts, coats, home textiles and so on. Knitting, the common T-shirt polo shirt, is the best example.

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