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How long will it take for the cold towel to be used without cold feeling?

How long will it take for the cold towel to be used without cold feeling?


The sauna days in summer are suffocating weather, especially for those who love outdoor sports. However, the many benefits brought by sports still make outdoor sports people flock to it. Then, how can outdoor athletes solve the problem that they can't take a shower immediately and need to cool down quickly? The answer is a cold towel.

Summing up the hot-selling products in summer, in addition to iced drinks, iced beer, ice cream and ice cream, cold towels are also well-deserved hot-selling products with the feeling of "timely rain", and they are necessary for all ages. For those who love outdoor sports and travel, it is a desire to use a cool sweat-absorbing ice towel when sweating profusely.

Cold-feeling sports towel is made of special cold-feeling fabric, 3D three-dimensional weaving technology and 100% cold-feeling silk weaving. It is particularly strange to throw it for 2 seconds after being soaked in cold water and hot water. When wiping the body, it will bring a cold feeling instantly, which can reach MINUS 1 degree to MINUS 2 degrees. This cold feeling can last for more than 5 hours. It is an ideal physical cooling product. Since it came out, it has been popular all over the world and is widely used in medical care, sports and other fields. Cooling sports towels can become cold as soon as they enter the water, and they are the best among ice towels. After wetting it, wring out the water and put it in a cool place, such as the neck, armpits and arms, and you will feel cool immediately. In the midsummer season, this feeling will make people feel cool and refreshing. When used, it becomes dry and needs to be put into water again to get wet, and then it becomes soft. When you don't use it at work, you can dry it completely before keeping it. Strangely, this special material has a strong ability to absorb water, and it will not get wet when it is directly wrapped around the neck after being wet and wrung out, which is commendable.

How do cooling towels work?

Cold-feeling fabrics are made up of unique fibers, and the structure is a high-density network structure like capillaries. This structure can deeply absorb water molecules into the fiber core, and then compress them into the fiber gaps of the fabric. The unique combination and interaction of different fibers make the water loss generated during evaporation be intelligently suppressed and remain in the fibers for a long time. The cool fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cooling factor brings a cool and comfortable feeling to human skin. The fabric does not contain chemical materials, polymer materials, adhesives, crystals or phase change materials, and the selected fibers are all safe and non-irritating. The fabric is lighter, more breathable and more comfortable than ordinary fabrics. Through the super adsorption effect, the water on the human surface can be quickly absorbed to achieve the purpose of cooling down.

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Cold towel does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, adhesives, crystals or phase change materials. It has good air permeability, does not contain chemicals, does not irritate the skin, is safe and secure, and its air permeability, comfort, softness and adsorption are beyond the reach of pure cotton, fiber and other materials.

How long will it take for the cold towel to be used without cold feeling? 

No matter how many times it is used, it has 100% cold feeling effect, can be reused, will not reduce the cold feeling, the effect is consistent, and it is a product with excellent value for money. Even if it is soaked with hot water, it will also produce a cold feeling. Whether it is 80-degree hot water or tap water, cold water or even sweat, only soaking, wringing, throwing and cooling for 2 seconds. At the same time, it can also be used as a general towel without cooling, and it can still absorb water and sweat.

Difference between beach towel and bath towel

A beach towel is specifically designed for use at the beach or poolside, with a larger size compared to a typical bath towel to provide ample coverage when lounging on the sand or by the water. Beach towels are often made from quick-drying materials such as microfiber or cotton terry cloth, allowing them to easily absorb moisture and dry off quickly in the sun. These quck dry towels also tend to feature vibrant colors, bold patterns, and fun designs that reflect a more casual and laid-back aesthetic perfect for leisurely days spent soaking up the sun. Additionally, beach towels may come equipped with features like pockets for storing valuables, built-in pillows for added comfort, or even attached straps for easy carrying while on-the-go. Overall, while both serve their own unique purposes, it's clear that a beach towel offers distinct advantages tailored specifically for outdoor recreation activities near water sources.

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