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What is cooling towel?

What is cooling towel?


Summer sauna days are suffocating weather, and for those who like outdoor sports, it is even more miserable. However, the many benefits brought by sports, or let outdoor sports people flock to. So, how do outdoor sports people solve sweating can not take a bath immediately and need to cool down quickly? The answer is cold towels.

Summary of hot products in the summer, in addition to cold drinks, cold beer, ice cream, ice cream, cold towel is also well-deserved with "timely rain" like the feeling of hot products, and is suitable for all ages, everyone must have supplies. For people who like outdoor sports and love to travel, when they are sweating, they can use a cool sweat absorbing ice towel to become a desire.

Cold towel using special cold fabric, 3D three-dimensional preparation process, 100% cold silk weaving, regardless of cold water wet, shake 2 seconds of cold, very amazing, wipe the body instantly bring cold feeling, can reach minus 1 degree to minus 2 degrees, this cold feeling can last for more than 5 hours, is a very ideal physical cooling product, since its inception, Popular all over the world, widely used in medical, sports and other fields, is now a major contribution of science to mankind

Sports towels can become cold as soon as they enter the water, the best of ice ultimate drying towel. After wetting it, wring out the water, put it in a cool place, such as the neck, armpits and arms, and immediately feel cool, in the summer season, this feeling will be comfortable and cool, the spirit of the spirit. It dries when used, and needs to be moistened again in water, after which it becomes soft. When it is not used at work, it can be completely dried and then kept. Miraculously, this special material has a strong ability to absorb moisture, and it will not get the clothes wet after being wet and wrung out directly around the neck

Cold fabric is composed of a variety of unique fibers, the structure is like a high density network structure like capillaries, the structure can deeply absorb water molecules into the fiber core, and then compress it into the fabric fiber gap, the unique combination and interaction of different fibers, so that the water loss generated during evaporation will be intelligently inhibited, and retained in the fiber for a long time. Cool fabrics adjust the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cool factor brings a cool and comfortable feeling to human skin. The fabrics do not contain chemicals, polymer materials, adhesions, crystals or phase change materials. The fibers selected are safe and non-irritating fibers. The fabrics are lighter, breathable and comfortable than ordinary fabrics. To achieve the purpose of cooling. Cold towel does not contain chemical materials, polymer materials, adhesives, crystals or phase change materials, good air permeability, does not contain chemicals, does not stimulate the skin, safe and reliable, air permeability, comfort, softness, adsorption are pure cotton, fiber and other materials can not be reached.

So, how long will the cold towel not feel cold? It has 100% cold effect no matter how many times it is used, it can be reused, it will not reduce cold feeling, the effect is consistent, and it is a great value for money product. Even if the use of hot water soaked, it will also produce a cold feeling, whether it is 80 degrees hot water or tap water, cold water or even sweat, only soaked, wring out, shake, 2 seconds cold. At the same time, the uncooled can also be used as an ordinary towel, which can still absorb water and sweat.

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