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How to clean furniture fabric?

How to clean furniture fabric?


According to different materials, there are different types of sofa fabric. There are three kinds of sofas: fabric sofas, leather sofas and solid wood sofas. Sofa is one of the most important furniture in the home. Whether the sofa is clean or not can affect the whole home environment, so it is very important to master some tips for cleaning the sofa. Sofa cleaning should be subdivided according to the material of sofa, not confused. Let's talk about the related knowledge of sofa cleaning.

Cleaning skills of fabric sofa

Everyone should know that different best sofa fabric material have different cleaning methods. Cloth sofa cleaning is the most exquisite, otherwise it will easily become old. When you buy it newly, you should put a cleaning agent on it. If there is a large area of stains, please ask a professional to clean it. You can put a sofa towel on the place where it is easy to get dirty, and see the tips for cleaning the sofa. Generally, you should use a professional cleaner. Remember to use too much force. The sofa has been used for about a year and can be cleaned once with detergent. When cleaning with detergent, it should be noted that the detergent must be thoroughly washed off afterwards. Otherwise, it is easier to stain the sofa.

Sofas made of cloth should be dusted regularly. It is best to do it once a week. When removing dust, don't forget the dust in small places such as the armrest and backrest of the sofa. Dust removal tools can be vacuum cleaners or towels. When cleaning with a towel, be sure not to get too wet. If the sofa is sheathed, it can be cleaned directly, and the washing machine can do it for you. If the elastic sheath is not conducive to ironing, the cotton sheath is not ironable.

The sofa is cleaned, but also pay attention to maintenance. How to maintain it? Sofas made of fabric should be vacuumed at least once a week. If the sofa cushion can be turned over, it is best to turn it over to make the wear evenly distributed. In addition, we should pay attention to several problems: if the thread is loose, it should not be broken directly by hand, and it is best to cut it neatly with scissors. In addition, when cleaning all cloth covers, remember not to bleach them.


Cleaning skills of real leather sofa

The cleaning of leather sofa is simpler than that of fabric sofa. Everyone should know that leather sofas are relatively high-grade furniture, so we should pay more attention to them when cleaning them. You can use a professional foam cleaner to dip it in a wet towel and wipe the sofa again. Then clean it with a slightly wet clean towel. If conditions permit, it is better to beat the sofa with oil that nourishes the dermis after it dries. Here, it should be noted that the PH of the cleaner for leather sofas is about 5~7. When spraying the cleaner, don't spray it too much and too wet. Be sure to wipe it with a rag several times to keep the sofa surface wet.

The cleaning of leather sofa is simple, but the maintenance is a little more complicated. Leather sofas should first prevent sharp objects from scratching, and then avoid oil stains, such as ballpoint pens, to dirty the sofa. If you accidentally get oil stains on the leather sofa, you should immediately clean it with detergent. Attention should also be paid to the placement of sofas, preferably in a ventilated place. Besides, if you want to prolong the service life of leather sofa, you should avoid children jumping on the sofa.


Cleaning skills of wrought iron and solid wood sofas

Generally, there are relatively few sofas made of these two materials, and only the sofa frame has some such materials. Neither solid wood nor wrought iron can be too dry or too wet, so it is easy to rot and deform. Don't be too wet when cleaning, and don't expose yourself to the sun. It is better to wipe with a dry cloth often, but it is really impossible to use detergent, but it should be dried as soon as possible.


1 white vinegar cleaning method

Use white vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1: 1 to gently wipe the stains on the furniture surface. If the stains are difficult to remove, you can let the vinegar water stay on the stained surface slightly, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Because acetic acid can soften dirt and make it leave the furniture surface. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture (mahogany furniture decoration renderings) and the cleaning of other furniture polluted by oil and ink.

2 Lemon cleaning method

If the polished or varnished wood is accidentally scalded by heat, you can first slice it with lemon or wipe it with a rag dipped in lemon juice, then wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in hot water, and finally dry it quickly with a dry soft cloth to restore the original brightness.

3 toothpaste cleaning method

The white paint on the surface of furniture will turn yellow after a long time, which not only looks old, but also feels very refreshing. You can dip a rag in toothpaste or tooth powder and gently apply it on it. With the bleaching effect of toothpaste, the color of furniture paint can be changed from yellow to white. But don't rub hard when wiping, because the friction agent in toothpaste powder will wear off the paint and damage the surface of furniture. (Or stir the egg yolk evenly, wipe it on the furniture and scrub it with a dry cloth.)

4 egg white cleaning method

After a long time, the dirt on the white leather sofa (sofa decoration renderings) at home is particularly stubborn, which makes people have a headache. At this time, you can take an appropriate amount of egg white, dip it in cotton cloth, and repeatedly wipe the dirty places on the surface of leather products such as leather sofas. This method is particularly effective for cleaning leather products, and the egg white also has a certain polishing effect, and the leather will show its original luster after use.

5 tea cleaning method

Painted furniture is stained with dust, which can be wiped with slightly wet tea residue wrapped in gauze, or scrubbed with dry cloth dipped in cold tea, which will make the furniture particularly bright and clean. But after wiping the furniture with tea, remember to wipe the tea with a slightly wet rag dipped in clear water. Because tea usually has tea stains, remaining on the paint surface will affect the original color of furniture.

6 milk cleaning method

If milk is too late to drink, don't throw it away. You can use it to maintain furniture. Dip a clean rag in milk, and then use this rag to wipe wooden furniture such as tables, which has a good effect of removing dirt. Finally, remember to wipe it with water again, otherwise there will be milk residue and milk smell. This method is suitable for a variety of leather, paint, marble, Baoli board and other furniture.

7 beer cleaning method

Boil about 1400 ml of light beer, add 14 g of sugar and 28 g of beeswax, and stir well to make them fully mixed. When the mixture is cooled, dip it with a soft cloth and wipe the wood. After the stain is cleaned, wipe the residue with clear water, and finally dry it with a soft dry rag.

Cleaning skills and precautions of fabric sofa

1 should not use a lot of water to scrub.

If a large amount of water is used to scrub the fabric sofa when cleaning, it is possible that water will penetrate into the inner layer of the sofa, resulting in the frame and filler inside the fabric sofa being damp, deformation and shrinkage. This problem is easy to appear when cleaning the hair area stains on fabric sofas in general families. If you have no experience in this field, please ask professional fabric sofa cleaning personnel for help.

2 local scrub with clean water

This cleaning method of wholesale sofa fabric is mainly used when the fabric sofa is dirty, which is mainly to remove the mask of the fabric sofa and then clean it according to the cleaning instructions of the sofa.

3 Use special cleaning agent.

Sometimes there are small stains on the fabric sofa, which can be cleaned with a special cleaner for sofa or carpet (carpet decoration renderings). The specific cleaning method of sofa fabric wholesale is to dip a small amount of detergent in a clean white cloth and wipe it repeatedly at the stain until the stain is removed.

4 Use sponge and special cleaning agent.

Static electricity is helpful to remove stains, and static electricity will be generated when the sponge is rubbed against the best sofa fabrics. However, experts remind consumers that because the sponge has good water absorption, it can be used as much as possible when dipping the detergent to avoid waste. This cloth sofa cleaning method is very effective.

5 Regular cleaning every year.

Under normal circumstances, the sofa sofa sofa should be removed and cleaned once a year, and a special cleaning agent should be used when cleaning the fabric of the fabric sofa. After cleaning, the cleaning agent should be thoroughly washed off, otherwise the sofa will be more prone to dirt in the future, and the cushions and cushions of the fabric sofa can also be basked in the sun, which has a sterilization effect.

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