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Characteristics of fabric made of three different materials

Characteristics of fabric made of three different materials


Characteristics of fabric made of three different materials, cotton, wool and polyester:

Cotton (seed fiber) is arguably the most widely used sofa fiber in the world. It is the fiber taken from cottonseed, picked and processed, ginning, carding, patchwork, combing, roving, worsted into cotton yarn and cotton yarn into cotton fabric.

1) Advantages:

Strong moisture absorption - cotton fiber is porous material, the internal molecular arrangement is very irregular, and the molecules contain a lot of hydrophilic structure.

Thermal protection ---- Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat, the inner cavity of the cotton fiber is filled with non-flowing air, comfortable to wear -- does not produce static electricity, good breathability, anti-sensitive, easy to clean. 2) Disadvantages:

Easy to wrinkle -- cotton fibers have poor elasticity.

High shrinkage ---- Cotton fibers are very absorbent. When they absorb water, they expand, resulting in cotton yarn

Shortening deformation.

Size before water absorption - size after water absorption

Calculation method: shrinkage rate =x 100% size before washing

The shrinkage range accepted by the general knitted suede sofa fabric is + 5% mildew ----- In the humid state, such as bacteria or fungi, cotton fibers will decompose into their favorite nutrient ---- glucose, so that the fabric deteriorates.

If the cotton fiber is in contact with the sun for a long time, the strength is reduced, and the fiber will be hard and brittle, such as oxidizing agents, bleaching powder or oxidizing dyes, it will also make the fiber strength decline, and the fiber is brittle and hard. 3:

. It can be washed by machine or hand, but because the elasticity of the fiber is poor, it is best to wash lightly or not to wash by hand vigorously to avoid the shape of the clothes and affect the size.

. It is better to wash cotton goods in cold water to preserve their original colour.

Except for white cotton fabrics, it is best not to use detergent or detergent containing bleaching ingredients for other colors of clothing. So as not to cause decolorization, not to pour the washing powder directly on the cotton fabric to avoid local decolorization. · Wash dark shirts separately from light shirts.

4) Dry clothes: After undressing should be quickly flat and dry to reduce wrinkles

5) Clothes: high temperature, can be ironed at 200C

All cotton silk sofa fabric;

Mercerization is a traditional processing technology for cotton fabric. However, in the past, the cotton silk process was mostly used for bed sheets, towels and yarns, etc., and the current cotton mercerized T-shirts, undershirts, shirts, etc., have become the trend of pure cotton boutique. It is made of low-grade (high-count) cotton fabric, treated with high concentration of caustic soda, so that it is smooth and has a silk luster, and then finished with high-quality softener, wearing light, smooth and comfortable. The company produces all cotton single mercerized T-shirt (refers to after one alkali singeing treatment) and all cotton double mercerized T-shirt (refers to after two alkali singeing treatment).


Wool: natural animal fiber

Wool: Unless otherwise specified, it refers to the hair cut from sheep. English name :WOOL. Fibers are made of proteins and have a scale-like structure outside the fibers. The properties of different wools depend on the coarse-fineness of the fibers and the different scale structures. The finer the fibers and the smoother the surface of the fibers, the better the feel of the woven clothes.

1) Advantages:

High water absorption: Wool is a very good hydrophilic fiber, very comfortable to wear. Heat preservation: Because the wool has a natural curl, it can form many non-flowing air intervals as a barrier. Durability: Wool has very good tensile and elastic recovery, and has a special capillary scale structure and excellent bending, so it also has a good appearance retention. 2) Disadvantages:

Drilling reaction: The first is a unique and important feature of wool. It is a phenomenon caused by the hair scales on the surface of wool fibers. When the hair scales on the surface of wool encounter mechanical forces (vibration, friction, pressure, etc.), heat and water, the wool sinks to its roots. As the wool sinks, the edges of the capillscales become entangled with each other and cannot be restored to their original length. Thus the severity of contraction. Under extreme conditions, wool can be harvested to half its original size (in clothing, 80% is normal). In addition, wool is easy to be eaten by insects, often friction will pilling. If exposed to strong light for a long time, the tissue will be damaged and the heat resistance is poor.

3) Washing method:

. Wool does not stain easily and is easy to clean. But it is best not to wash after each wear, can be used in a focused way to remove dirt. And after each wearing, use a soft brush to wipe the collar and the inside of the cuff, not only can remove the dust on the woolen fabric, but also can make the woolen fabric restore the original puffy appearance. Wool clothing should be given a period of rest between each wear, easier to maintain the shape.

· If the wool garment has been deformed, it can be hung in a place with hot steam or sprayed with a little water to increase its shape recovery. It is not suitable for machine washing, because the wool will accelerate its felting after contact with force.

· Hand wash with warm water of 30-40 degrees.

· Never bleach, because bleached wool will turn yellow. 4) Dry clothes:

. Gently squeeze the water after washing, do not twist dry

. It is best to lay or hang dry to avoid deformation.

. Do not dry. 5) Ironing: general wool fabrics do not need to be ironed, if necessary, can be ironed with medium temperature steam. Ps: Lamb wool is basically the first cut of sheep less than a year old, lighter than ordinary wool, warm and soft.


(Synthetic fiber)

Polyester (synthetic fiber): Synthetic fiber is made of high molecular compounds, polyester is one of them, it is also called poly cool fiber.

Advantages :· High strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity, and strong heat resistance Disadvantages :· Lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so the hygroscopic property is very poor, and the air permeability is also poor. The fabric made of it will be stuffy and not breathable when worn on the body.

. In addition, due to the smooth surface of the fiber, the holding force between each other becomes worse, so the friction is easy to fuzz and knot.

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