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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival


Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, and our factory has prepared exquisite gifts for our employees. Let's reward our employees for their hard work in producing the technology fabric, faux suede fabric and loading cabinets today.

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Dragon Boat Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from dragon festival in ancient times. On the Mid-Summer Dragon Boat Festival, black dragon spent seven nights in the sky, which was the day when the dragon flew, as the fifth poem in the Book of Changes, Gangua, said, "The flying dragon is in the sky". At noon, Long Xing was both "winning" and "getting right", which was a symbol of good luck.

Dragon Boat Festival, originally founded by the ancestors of the south, is a festival to worship the dragon ancestors. Legend has it that Qu Yuan, a poet of Chu State in the Warring States Period, jumped into the Miluo River on May 5 and committed suicide. Later, people also took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. There are also sayings in memory of Wu Zixu, Cao E and meson tui. Generally speaking, the Dragon Boat Festival originated from the ancient ancestors' choice of "Dragon Ascending to Heaven" as an auspicious day to worship the dragon ancestors, and it was injected with the seasonal fashion of "eliminating diseases and preventing epidemics" in summer. The Dragon Boat Festival was regarded as an "evil day of the moon" and originated in the northern Central Plains, with a memorial to Qu Yuan and other historical figures. The formation of Dragon Boat Festival custom can be said to be the product of the integration of North and South customs.

The word "Dragon Boat Festival" first appeared in the Local Records of the Western Jin Dynasty: "The midsummer Dragon Boat Festival is also called May 5, which is the same as the summer solstice." Duan, ancient Chinese has the meaning of beginning and initial, which is called "Duanwu", that is, "the fifth day". Shuo Wen Jie Zi: "Duan is also the topic of the birth of things", which means that Duan means the beginning, so the fifth day of May is called "Duanwu Festival". "Guang Ji at the Age of Years" said: "The dusty people in the capital city take the first day of May as the first end, the second day as the second end, and the number is even five." The ancients used to refer to the first few days of May as end-to-end. Therefore, the first afternoon of May is called Dragon Boat Festival. However, the custom of Dragon Boat Festival has long existed, such as the custom of dragon boat race and sacrifice.

The ancients took heavenly stems and earthly branches as the carrier, the heavenly stems carried the way of heaven, and the earthly branches carried the way of land, and set up heavenly stems and earthly branches to contract the fate of heaven and earth. The ancient people used heavenly stems and earthly branches for calendar year, calendar month, calendar day and calendar time. According to the calendar, according to the order of twelve earthly branches, the fifth month is called "noon month", and the afternoon day is called "heavy noon", so the Dragon Boat Festival is also called "Duanyang".

At the beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival, it mainly spread in southern wuyue and appeared as a "totem sacrifice". Ancient ancestors took "dragon" as their totem and chose to worship at the Dragon Boat Festival, which was actually a festival to worship the dragon ancestors at that time.


The legend of Dragon Boat Festival

Wu Zixu, a famous official, was born in the State of Chu, and his father and brother were all killed by the King of Chu. Later, Zixu abandoned the dark and went to the State of Wu to help Wu cut Chu, and entered the capital of Chu in the Five Wars. At that time, King Chu Ping was dead, and Zixu dug a grave and whipped 300 corpses to avenge the killing of his father and brother. After the death of He Lv, the king of Wu, his son Fu Cha succeeded to the throne. Wu Jun's morale was high, and he was defeated by Yue. Gou Jian, the king of Yue, asked for peace, and Fu Cha promised it. Zi Xu suggested that the state of Yue should be completely eliminated. Fu Cha refused to listen, and Wu was slaughtered by the state of Yue. He was bribed by the state of Yue, and slanderers framed Wu Zixu, and Fu Cha believed him. Zi Xu gave him a sword and died. Wu Zixu, who was a loyal man, regarded death as death. Before he died, he said to his neighbors, "After I die, I will gouge out my eyes and hang them on the east gate of Wujing to watch the Vietnamese army enter the city and destroy Wu." He then committed suicide. Fu Cha was furious when he heard this, so he ordered Zixu's body to be put into the river on May 5, so it is said that the Dragon Boat Festival is also to commemorate the day of Wu Zixu.

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