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How to choose sofa

How to choose sofa


In today's home decoration style, compared with the subjective sofa style, size, fabric, filling and other factors related to the actual experience are the dimensions that we focus on when purchasing sofas.

Size, model of sofa

The most fundamental premise for us to buy a sofa is that the sofa can appear smoothly and beautifully in your home.

It depends on the size of the sofa. Including the width, depth, and height of the sofa.

The size of the sofa must remember that it should be small and not large, the size of the sofa should not be full, and the position of the curtains, coffee tables and green plants should be reserved in advance.

The height of the sofa from the ground is also an issue to consider, or leave no gap, so that you will not worry about the bottom of the sofa into the dust.

Or reserve enough space to facilitate the entry of sweeping robots or vacuum cleaners (generally more than 10cm).

It is also necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the size of corridors, elevators, and entrance doors to avoid difficulties in installation and delivery.

Fabric of sofa

Best sofa fabric, mainly divided into leather, fabric, imitation leather (artificial leather) and other types.

Leather sofa is naturally the highest value of existence. The sofa with the whole head layer of cowhide is not unusual for the store to sell for 40,000 yuan.

The first layer of skin feels fine, with fine lines when pressed with fingers

If it is for home use, the "contact dermis" can meet most needs.

Use real leather for body contact and imitation leather for other parts. You can save money financially and reduce the risk of some damage.

There are many types of fabric sofa, pure cotton, pure hemp, cotton and hemp blend, polyester, science and technology cloth belong to the category of fabric sofa.

There are few sofas with pure cotton and pure hemp fabrics on the market, and cotton and hemp blend is one of the mainstream fabric.

Cotton and linen blend breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, wear-resistant, the price is relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dirt, especially the light-colored cotton and linen blended fabric.

Polyester fabric is also more wear-resistant, not prone to wrinkles, and it does not feel cold in winter. The disadvantage is that the best sofa fabric material itself is not breathable, easy to stick to dust and debris, and it is easy to produce static electricity in the dry season.

In recent years, the more popular science and technology cloth is made of three anti-coating on the basis of polyester. With the coating technology cloth, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-scratch.

But the coating itself has a service life, so the purchase of science and technology cloth sofa, or to start from the big name, from the quality and service life are guaranteed.

Filler, frame of sofa

If the fabric is good, the interior padding and frame will not be too bad. After all, businesses are not stupid enough to fill leather sofas with junk cotton.

Sofa interior padding, including silk cotton (rayon cotton), memory cotton, sponge, latex, down and other types, cushions and backrest parts have different requirements for padding.

Seat filler, to focus on its support, resilience, air permeability and other indicators.

High density sponge is the most common seat filler, and high quality sofas will fill the surface layer with latex, memory cotton or down on the basis of high density sponge to distinguish the feeling of sitting

The filling of different materials only determines the cost of the sofa. The specific use experience also depends on the "hard indicators".

Hard indicators understand, even if you don't go to the store, you can choose the right sofa.

For example, the density of the cushion sponge is generally more than 30 kg/cubic meter, and the higher the density, the better the resilience and support of the sofa.

On the contrary, the lower the density, the stronger the sense of wrapping, the "human" type will appear after sitting for a long time, and it is more difficult to get up.

From the point of view of air permeability, the permeability of high-density sponges and memory cotton is significantly better than that of latex.

For backrest padding requirements, comfort is preferred. Down is used more in the advanced sofa, which is comfortable and breathable, and the deformation is small in long-term use, but the rebound is slow.

Silk cotton (doll cotton) is the most common backrest filler in the sofa, with good softness and strong wrapping sense, and is the most cost-effective choice.

Structural stability determines the service life and daily experience of the sofa. When buying, be sure to look for whether it is a solid wood frame, read the instructions to buy in the store, read the details page to buy online, and do not buy a sofa with a plate frame.

To summarize:

• Sofa size should be small should not be large, not more than one-third of the living room area.

• Buy a sofa to see the fabric, the suede sofa fabric is good sofa, the internal structure will not be too bad.

• If you choose a leather sofa at home, "contact surface leather" is enough

• Science and technology cloth is not a pit, waterproof and anti-fouling performance is good, sold to tens of thousands of yuan is a pit.

• Filling material only determines the price, the specific comfort, but also depends on the "sponge density", "solid wood frame" and other hard indicators

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