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The craft and use of beach towels

The craft and use of beach towels


The creation of beach towels

Now the transportation is so developed that it is not necessary to travel from Northeast to Hainan for a day. In this case, more people, especially inland people, are willing to go to the beach during the holiday season. The beach is always the ocean of joy, where you can take off your shoes, let your feet relax, and experience the softness of the sand. However, you can't sit or lie on the sand when you're tired. That's where beach towels come in. The appearance of personalized beach towels has done a lot to promote seaside tourism. Since the beach towel, when people play on the beach, they can sit and lie freely, very relaxed and comfortable!

The use of beach towels

The size of the beach towel is relatively large, and the bath towel can be wrapped around the waist, draped on the body, tied on the head and neck, as a cover of accessories, can also be spread on the beach, one side is separated from the tide and sand, and the other side can lie on the beach in the sun. In fact, the best role of the beach is to quickly dry the water on the surface of the body, because the skin in the wet state, the ultraviolet rays of the sun through the pool or seawater reflection, causing the sun effect will be three times that of dry! It is inevitable to swim in the beach to play, after the water, the skin is more likely to be invaded by the ultraviolet rays in the sun in the wet state, if you do not dry the water, it is easy to appear erythema, skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, after a few days the skin will begin to peel. Therefore, the role of best beach towels is to help people dry off quickly and reduce the effect of UV rays.

If you do not dry your body after swimming, red spots, skin pain and blisters will certainly find you, so everyone must carry a sandfree beach towel when playing or swimming outdoors.

Playing on the beach to tired, the beach towel spread on the beach, lying on the above can enjoy the sun bath, but also to prevent the tide and sand, to prevent the fine sand into the hair.

In addition to being used at the beach, the cool beach towel can also be used as an ordinary towel bath towel, or as a towel, sofa cushion, etc., which can play a role in fitness, swimming, home and other fields.

The craft of beach towels

Because the beach towel is generally used outdoors, its appearance is generally more complex and beautiful. In the process is divided into: jacquard beach towel and printed beach towel two kinds.

Jacquard beach towel is generally thick, strong water absorption, but due to the limitations of jacquard technology, the number of colors of jacquard microfiber beach towel is generally relatively small, the pattern is relatively simple.

Printed beach towel is generally active printed beach towel, active printing is a more advanced printing and dyeing process, active printing fabric bright color, good color fastness, soft feel, can often wash and not fade, long use as new.news-Yier Textile-img

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