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With a cold towel, go and run and sweat

With a cold towel, go and run and sweat


After a great cooling and warming, summer has finally arrived, and the season of hiding meat has come. Hearing this news, is your heart beating a little faster and your blood pumping up, and you want to throw off all the fat on your body immediately?

So why do people get fat after a winter?

In order to keep the body temperature constant, the human body will instinctively store more fat to resist the cold. When the rate of fat synthesis is higher than the rate of decomposition, it will produce fat accumulation and gain weight. The saddest thing is that with the increase of temperature, fat will not be "melted" like ice cream; They prefer to "scratch their heads and pose", competing to show everyone the fat they have stored for a winter.

Fortunately, there is still room for recovery. Go into the gym and do more exercise, then you can "ultimate judgment" the fat meat.

It's time to review the knowledge of middle school physics: liquid water will absorb heat when it turns into steam

When you are sweating like rain, in addition to sending a song "Cool", we specially give you a black technology product from Amway: a cold towel that can bring you coolness instantly when you shake it and wipe it!

This ultimate drying towel is made of three layers of unique 3D knitting technology and high-tech fiber fabric. The inner layer absorbs the sweat on the skin surface to be dry, and the middle layer stores water to absorb heat, and finally evaporates into the air through the outermost layer, so that the body heat can be diffused to accelerate the sweat discharge, and the body surface temperature can be instantly reduced by 20%-30%, thus achieving a cool and comfortable effect.


In fact, we have all learned the principle of cooling: liquid water will absorb heat when it turns into steam. A more specific explanation is: using the physical structure of polymer fiber itself, the surface heat is taken away when water molecules evaporate rapidly, and the temperature of human body is reduced to achieve the effect of cooling down.

The test results of HOHENSTEIN Institute, a testing institution, show that the materials used to make cold-feeling towels combine three kinds of fibers with completely different functions to ensure the towel's high water absorption and efficient drainage and evaporation.

The fiber made of hollow yarn has no chemical addition, absorbs moisture, and the high ambient temperature changes liquid water into water vapor, and the water vapor flows in the hollow fiber, which reduces the surface temperature of the fiber through heat exchange, and can reduce the surface temperature of the skin by 30% by directly sticking it on the skin.

Because the cold towel adopts the refrigeration principle of three-layer physical structure instead of chemical substances, it can maintain long-term cold feeling. Even with 90℃ hot water, the towel will get cold in an instant after soaking! However, the person who can take the towel out of 90℃ water and wring it dry is also a man of God.

Cold towel can effectively reduce the skin surface temperature, but also play the role of anti-bacteria, deodorizing and effectively blocking ultraviolet rays, so as to maintain the most comfortable use state.

In order to make it feel cold instantly, its use is also very simple, just three simple steps: soak the towel; Wring out excess water; Throw it, it will get cold in 3 seconds, and the cold feeling can last for more than 5-7 hours.


When it comes to the concept of "coolness", many people are skeptical. Can summer cool products really be cool at the touch of a button? Or is it just IQ tax? I've read a lot of people saying that coolness is called black technology, and what high technology makes everyone feel that this is an IQ tax.

Speaking of coolness, we must first give you a concept of popular science:

The "cool feeling" of the cool feeling series is actually because of the sensory difference caused by the transfer of skin heat to low temperature when touching the suede fabric for sofa. The state has an industry standard for this Q-Max value.

Q-max value represents the instant coolness when people touch the sofa fabric wholesale, which is the maximum instantaneous heat loss of the skin. The larger the value, the more heat they can take away, the colder they will feel.

The national standard GB/T35263-2017 has detailed provisions on this. When the textile is more than or equal to 0.15, it has contact coolness. That is to say, only when Q-max reaches above 0.15 can it really feel cool at the touch. When you buy, you can check whether there is a professional quality inspection report, which shows that it does have a cool feeling.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to its Q-max value when choosing. I recommend a product that works well.

In the rainy season, cotton, linen and other beds have a poor sense of monomer, and they are wet and sticky. Little friends can try this one, and the price is not expensive. Trust me, I can start.

Widely used: cooling, heatstroke prevention and skin care.

Ordinary towels will gradually harden after repeated use, and the feel is no longer as soft as it was at the beginning; In view of its material characteristics, the cold ultimate drying towel will not feel stiff after being used for many times, so it is soft and comfortable, and will not fade or deform.

As a high-tech product, the cost performance of cold towels is very high.

For those who like sports and fitness, it can bring sweat absorption, cooling, relaxing and cooling effects, and help people keep their body temperature constant and recover their physical strength during exercise.

In summer outings and trips, cold towels can also play a role in heatstroke prevention, cooling, eye protection and skin care.

At the same time, the cold towel is also an auxiliary tool for physical cooling when you have a fever, fever or scald; After sports injury, it can temporarily cool down and stop bleeding.

However, there is a problem: although merchants emphasize the strong water absorption of towels when promoting products, users generally report that the sweat absorption effect of cold towels is not obvious enough, which has a great relationship with the use of special fiber fabrics. With the deepening of scientific research and development, I hope someone can fill this short board.

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