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how to reupholster a couch with leather

by:Yier Textile     2023-07-31

How to Reupholster a Couch with Leather

Are you tired of looking at the same old couch in your living room every day? Is the couch starting to look worn out and outdated? Instead of buying a new couch, consider reupholstering it with leather to give it a fresh and sophisticated look. In this article, we will guide you through the process of reupholstering a couch with leather, saving you money and adding a personalized touch to your home decor.


1. Tools You Will Need

2. Removing the Old Upholstery

3. Preparing and Measuring Leather

4. Upholstering the Couch with Leather

5. Finishing Touches

Tools You Will Need:

Before diving into the process of reupholstering, you must gather the necessary tools for the job. The following tools will be required to complete the task:

- Needle-nose pliers

- Flathead screwdriver

- Scissors

- Staple gun

- Leather glue

- Foam padding

- Upholstery thread and needles

- Leather fabric

Removing the Old Upholstery:

The first step to start reupholstering your couch is to remove the old upholstery. Begin by removing all the cushions on the couch and set them aside. Then, using a flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers, remove the staples and tacks holding the old fabric in place. Take care not to damage the existing padding or frame while removing the old upholstery.

Preparing and Measuring Leather:

Once you've removed the old upholstery, it's time to measure and cut the leather. Measuring the leather is a crucial step that ensures you have enough fabric to cover your couch. Take precise measurements of each cushion and the couch frame to determine the amount of leather fabric required.

Add a few inches to your measurements to allow for an error margin and account for potential shrinkage of the leather. Lay the leather fabric flat on the floor and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the measurements. Be careful not to damage the leather while cutting, as it can cause significant expense if you make a mistake.

Upholstering the Couch with Leather:

Now it's time to start upholstering the couch with leather. Begin by wrapping the foam padding around each cushion and tucking it in neatly. Make sure the padding is snug and doesn't shift as you add the leather fabric. Then, start wrapping the leather fabric around the cushion and staple it to the frame, making sure to avoid wrinkles or loose spots. Repeat the process with each cushion, ensuring they are covered entirely in leather.

Once you've upholstered the cushions, it's time to tackle the frame. Begin by wrapping the leather fabric around the arms of the couch and stapling it tightly to the frame. Continue until the entire frame is covered in leather. Ensure there are no wrinkles or loose spots, and the leather is evenly pulled along the frame.

Finishing Touches:

The final step in reupholstering your couch with leather is to add finishing touches. Take a close look at the leather to ensure there are no loose stitches or seams. Use the upholstery thread and needles to reinforce any stray seams or stitches that may have come loose. Then, apply leather glue to any remaining loose spots or wrinkles to tighten the leather and create a smooth finish.


Reupholstering a couch with leather may seem like a daunting task, but it can be an exciting project to embark on. The result is a unique and personalized couch that adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor. By following our step-by-step guide, you can save money on buying a new couch and add a personalized touch to your living room. Don't hesitate to give it a try!

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